Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remix of an old one and a new one

I did a great graphite caricature of the dude with the Jay Z Lips at a summer gig and decided to redue it in a more exaggerated style Im really likin the results here.
The other is totally new just a face i remembered from a crowded train.

Couples only.....

A few caricatures of tourists Ive drawn at a local hotel in the city. Im being paid to make the people look NICE so I had to severly cut down on the heavy exaggeration so everyone's happy and no one sues anyone. It's a living!

Political toon for The Wave Newspaper

This is a toon I submitted to my local newspaper, The Wave, located in The Rockaways, where the surfer resides. It's fanatastic living three blocks from the beach... until winter hits... brrrrrrrrrr@
This toon makes fun of the current economic crisis were having in NYC on Wallstreet that's sending shockwaves throughout the US Economy. It's up to us caricature artists to bring a little humour into the situation! The paper gave me a half page featuring three of my Obama Mc Cain toons, I figured since Im on a roll I should keep it up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Illustration Friday Balloons!

Really enjoyed doing the 2nd lady from the top. She looks like she swallowed two big water balloons!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Drawin Gurls...

The gurl in the army hat was talking up such a storm that I feared her mouth would catch on fire. All I could sww was hat hair and Teeth.... The 2nd young lady ACTUALLY REQUESTED a caricature...yes, folks it DOES happen. After observing me draw a couple of passengers for a while she finally commented on how well i drew an Asian gentlemen sitting across from me...who was a little uncomfortable... and a couple of tourists who boarded the train at the Howard Beach Stop. "How would you draw ME?" she asked. "are you sure you want THIS??" I replied, as it was unusual for anyone to request a picture, and she nodded yes. I did a rough sketch of the caricature on display here, and she was shocked to say in the least. To soften the blow, I did a more toned down "party style" caricature for her in full color, that she adored. She took down my contact information, and hopefully will be buying ONE OF THESE GREAT BOOKS I AM SELLING HER.... HINT...... As i was getting off the train, another woman who was watching the show, asked for information. You gotta love this subwaysurfin!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Been going through some stuff the last couple of days... always good to do a couple of self portraits when youre soul searching... hope these make you laugh. There part of my upcoming book, thirty days. Thirty days is more of a book for me than any thing else. its turning the pencil on myself as i struggle with self acceptance, appearance and all that good stuff.....
It also teaches me how to do caricature better and sure is funny.