Monday, May 19, 2008

S46 Bus Staten Island Beauty

Did this woman on the S46 Bus as part of my warmup on the way to my gig at the Staten Island Hilton.

My gurl wuz "big Pimpin'" sporting her "terminator" shades


While on my way to a gig in Staten Island, I got a call from my Dad while riding the Ferry.
I wasnt expecting the call, ad automatically became very anxious , thiking it was an emergency.
Instead, my Dad called to tell me that he was viewing my blog and thought the posts were hilarious and was printing them out on his computer.

He thought the "guy in the glasses" was really funny,

We talked a few minutes more , and then the Ferry got out of cell phone range so the call was cut short.

That call, and kowing that my Dad "likes my stuff"
Meant more to me than any rave Ive ever gotten from a client, fan, fellow artist, or famous artist.

My Dad likes my stuff.

No picture that illustrate that. Only the one in my mind.

and that's private.