Monday, March 01, 2010

Gov Paterson.... looking back.... before caricaturing him

After hearing the recent news of Gov Paterson's political woes this week, I, like many artists literally ran to to my drawing board anxious to get in on the cartooning/caricature feeding frenzy surrounding his recent political decisions, and you folks here can look forward to an Editorial cartoon that will soon be appearing in THE WAVE Nwspaper.

But before I lampoon him, I think it's important to highlight his accomplishments. He is truely a remarkable man for achieving a high level of success in spire of an visual disability combined with the Glass ceiling effect so many people of color bump into when reaching for the stars.

This Youtube serves as a reminder that what we see about a person at present doesnt represent all who they ARE.

But Im still gonna "get him!" heh, heh!

New Subway Caricatures for March

While sketching the Latino dude, he caught me drawing him and tried his BEST to "look tough " and intimidating. All he really did was stickk his lip out to the point of looking more like a spoiled child who was told he couldnt have candy! LOL!! The Asian Dude just reminded me of a squid or some sea creature who somehow miraculously morphed into a myopic human. Faces on da train are STILLL FUNNNNNNYYYYY!!!!!