Monday, September 24, 2012


In my early caricature days one exercise that was contributed to helping me learn how to exaggerate was the self imposed 30 day challenge. I literally drew a different caricature of myself for thirty days. since I was working with the same boring face it literally forced me to think up new artistic approaches to the same subject. THE hardest thing to do of course is the retain the likeness of course, but thats the whole point. Just to make it easy on you readers you only have to do this for five days. see what you come up with! I guarantee that it will revolutionize the way you look at caricature and you will discover a new style in the process!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cartoon Editorial illustration

Been a while since I posted any editorial illustrations for The Wave News. I recently got some Editorial copy  where the Far Rockaway residents are"bugging out" over a series of rumors regarding  housing, shelters being built, criminals running wild in the streets, ETC All of these rumors are unsubstantiated, but more residents in the community are getting worried, and if they get too worried.... well we could have problems in the community as people act on their imagined fears. The article, not shown hear is basically a call to sanity. In this illustration , I decided to do a montage of past caricatures to stand is as"Rockaway  residents". Looking at the drawing now I can appreciate just how varied the faces that Ive drawn over the years are, and how versatile Ive become as far as illustration style is concerned. What a great job!