Friday, April 11, 2008

Caricature of Bodybuilding DJ DAZE!

One of the few Exaggerated caricatures that a person ASKED for! This is Bodybuilding DJ DAZE and MAN is he big!!

DAZE can be reached at 718-666-0414 or at He's based in Queens(and will travel anywhere) and unlike most DJ's who have forgotten and neglected the art of freestylin on the mike, DAZE still does it and will put your eardrums in a trance!

I had great fun doing this!Daze has a lot of great angles on his face that caricature artists like me LOVE to exaggerate, and the fact that he's a bodybuilder makes for even more of a hilarious picture. I usually just do heads, but Couldnt resist drawing the body in too this time. If he doesnt like his picture, he'll squash me like a bug....