Thursday, March 17, 2011

DRINK AND DRAWN Comic.... Based on a true story..... by Subwaysurfer

Hey Cheesy! What cha got there?   Oh, Nuthin, just my new Action Figure, I call him...


That's right! DRINK AND DRAW MAN! His secret Headquarters is in Jakk Dempsees Pub !

Whoa! What a Concept! Gee....

It gets better! Every month Drink and Draw man meets with all his drink and draw friends in his Headquarters at Jakk Dempsee's Pub to have wacky drawing adventures!

Wow! you've got a storyline, and EVERYTHING! Im impressed!
...Sob.... Gee... Sure wish I had my OWN Action Figure! ...Sniff...

Well, something like THIS doesnt just happen overnight, my boy! Heh... I've been perfecting this Drink and Draw Action figure here for ten years!

Well, Gotta go! Ive got a very important meeting, gotta take Drink and Draw Man here, lotsa people wanna see him! Bye!

....sniff... yeah..... bye....

That Cheesy is so lucky to have an Action Figure and Everything..... I wish I had one too!... sniff..

Bet it doesnt take ten years to build something lke that! ... I bet could make my OWN Action Figure! bigger and Betterer!

That gives me an idea....

Hey Frankie! what cha got there?

Oh, Nuthin, Cheesy! Just MY New Action Figure! I call him....


Yo, Frankie! What's up with THIS!! that's MY IDEA!!!

YOUR idea? how can you SAY that? my character is TOTALLY Different!

Check this out! MY character has this snazzy red and blue costume! YOURS doesnt have a costume, Remember? Also, his name is CAPTAIN Drink and Draw man, as opposed to just plain old Drink and Draw Man!  My character owns the Jakk Demspsee bar, and periodically has top secret Superhero meetings there with his Super Hero drawing friends!  Its even a different plotline!


Listen, lets not resort to name calling, alright? Youre just mad cause someone else came up with an idea too! besides, there more than enough room for more Action Figures!

Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I got a very important meeting to go to. Gotta take Captain Drink and Draw with me! Lotsa people there wanna see him! bye!


Oh..... Man.... I got a little too overheated here!.... It's the second time this week!!
Er...heh... Anyone out there got a..... SPATULA?

Once upon a Time in New York City, There was a group of comic artists who loved to draw and liked to drink , so Drink and Draw was born.  One member created a group where members got together once a month to drink and draw, and draw and drink. this went on for ten years.... one day another comic book creator type person decided he wanted to create another goup that drank and drew and drew and drank. And had his meeting following a major comic book convention in NYC.

Both groups basically had the same goal, namely to bring a diverse group of NYC Comic creators, writers, and fanboys under one roof to network, collaborate, communicate, and create.

One Party feels another is being unfair in creating his group, which is a similar group, doing a similar thing , under the same roof, on a different day... The other party disagrees.

And here i am in the middle. I admire what both groups have done, and are trying to do. For myself, as a sequential artist, writer and creator, all I want to do is create comics, align myself with a group that  can assist me in achieving my artistic aspirations, and having a good time drawing. I dont drink. That Alcohol, anyway. I also as an editorial artist, know a good story when I see one, and wanted to document THIS one, not to "choose sides" Point fingers, or place blame, but to tell a story, graphically because this is a part, howbeit small,  of comic history, and history needs to be commented on. If any disagree with the stance I have taken or the approach, you are free to disagree,but at least, appreciate the art. For me, this is what it is all about.