Saturday, November 28, 2009

Latest Wave Editiorial Cartoon

WOuld you believe there's a law on the book that hinders officers from frisking a suspicious person? This is the pic for the editoiral this week.

Big shout out to the two officers in the 33rd Street station who let me copy their uniforms for reference. Sorry fellas, I promised that I would use your faces too, but visually, you both didnt look funny enough to be used in the cartoon. Good thing too. I mean who respects an officer whose face they're laughing at?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

They're Creepy and They're Spooky....

some people have a certain kinda persona that makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up....To borrow a phrase from the 60's classic horror sit com, "The Adams Family", "They're creepy, and They're Spooky..." This guy boards The Queens Bound C Train the other night and looks like he just walked out of a graveyard. White as the proverbial sheet with one of the biggest heads Ive ever seen on a human, wearing what looked like a child's black hat on top of his head, that was five sizes too small, a slightly oversized black overcoat, black slacks and shoes, and that dull,empty, thousand mile stare and slight smile... he looked like he just finished devouring a live rat dipped in cockaroach sauce, and was still enjoying the after taste....Never a dull moment on the Train, folks....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Red head with Big Red Nose on Q22 Bus

I was riding the Q22 Bus, and that when I saw him.... this BIG RED nose, sticking out like a roadsign directly across from me. The Q22 Bus in Far Rockaway has a short route , running starting in Breezy Point just before the Marine Park Bridge into Brooklyn, and ending on Mott Ave. Although Rockaway residnts are a mixture of whites blacks and latinos, I was riding in the bus towards Mott Ave which is predominately populated by African Americans, so it was unusual to even see such a "white looking" White guy on the bus. which made him stand out more.

The fact that he was reluctant to make eye contact with anyone made my capturing him that much easier, heh, heh.... In an effort to look tough,he adopted that standard issue "deadpan stare" showing no emotion whatsoever, and also wore his baseball cap backwards, in customary "B Boye" fashion, but his giant dumbo ears, and that shock of shaggy red hair that protruded out of the front and the back made him look hilarious. The Bulbous Clown nose, definitely stood out and I had to resist the urge to reach over and give it a squeeze! LOL!!! I wonder if it would have "honked?" This guy also had very pink salmon colored skin which made the redness on his nose stand out even more.To be honest, this picture is MORE of a self portrait of how this guy really looked than an actual caricature that I embellished. I guess some people are just "God's Live action Cartoons". This guy also had a "Bob Denver, Gilligan" type of quality about him./ Boy do I LOVE riding Mass Transit!!! All you need is a Metro card and a Pencil!!

If You like THIS caricature Folks, How about getting one of YOUR OWN? I can draw a gift caricature of YOU in this Hilarious Style! Perfect for your avatar, offline printed materials, or just  for your wall! Contact me by Email for Prices and Info!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Sneek peek at my minicomic

Ive had this on my desk for a couple of months now working through it sllllllowwwly.... its my semi autobiographical account of a Junior High School incident between me, and a local school bully, Vinnie. I got stuck in the project until I began viewing some of Ralph Batski's films and noticed his raw use of animation with real life photography. This is not a "New" device, except for me, that is, and I really do like the results. The minicomic once completed, will be posted on my sequential art blog at

I also have plans for printed it out along with some others for the Moca Fest in NYC coming up in April next year. God willing, I will be ready to attend with a lot of my books. Stay tuned!

This particular Panel is one of the climax shots of the comic. I thought at first about coloring the characters, but in a kooky sort of way I kind of like that stark, black and white cutout look against the color background. I took the photo inside my kid's high school a couple of years back during an open school night. I knew I'd find a use for the photo. Did some manipulation in photo shop with the filters to give it a painted look.

Couple in Orange and Blue

Didnt know if this compostion was going to work at first, but the end result was great. Im trying to take more chances and be more dynamic with my couples poses. caricature artists like Jeremy Townsend, and Nate at "Jackin faces" do great and innovative couples shots. Im constantly at their blogs studying their work.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Just one MORE!" at Sardi's Restaurant Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

It always happens, they love me so much, they always want me to draw, "JUST ONE MORE!" This lovely lady got hers drawn by the elevator as I was getting ready to leave for the evening! Normally I would have refused, explaining that my time was up, but HEY! THIS IS SARDI'S the "Caricature Mecca" How could I say no?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gig shots by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

Been a while since Ive posted some gig shots. Here's two. One is a pencil drawing I did at Sardi's two weeks ago. Every since watching Ed Steckley draw caricatues in Pencil at an M&M store Gig we did together, and also at Chelsea Piers for the NY Rangers, Ive always wanted to do a gig entirely in pencil but lacked the courage. After seeing the results, I can see why he loves the medium so much. Sorry to just show one pic though.... The other pic is one I drew for some guests at the Marriott Hotel last summer. I JUST developed the picture outta my camera.... talk about procrastination..

Investigative reporting can be dangerous!! CARICATURES MOST WANTED LIST

Fellow caricature artist, Mark Z man and I were both feeling good on the caricature adrenalin rush we got after working another sucessful gig at Sardi's restaurant. As was my habit I started going up and down Times Square pointing out the caricature fakes, and snapping photos. We both stopped at this particular stand of one female Asian artist who had an unusually big display with caricature styles so varied that we both KNEW she couldnt have drawn all of them herself. I recognized the Superman and The Michael Jackson as immediately not being hers, and as I started to question her, and take pictures, she quickly put her hand up in front of the camera and walked quickly behind her stand, hoping we would go away and stop asking questions. When she saw that I refused to leave and was still taking pictures, all of a sudden, she came from behind her display brandishing a BIG white stick in my Direction! LOL! " hey man, I think she's gonna try and hit you!" Mark said, in shock as we both backed away. I snapped off a shot of her, and it looks like she's got a lightsaber in her hand! LOL!!! investigative reporting sure is dangerous!

Incidentally, that SUPERMAN caricature that little Con Artist had on her stand wad done by Golden Nosey Winner, CHRIS ROMMEL. The orginal can be seen HERE

Caricatures most wanted list Exposing the fakes on 42nd Street

This is the first in a series of "caricature exposes" that Ive titled, "CARICATURES MOST WANTED LIST" or "EXPOSING THE FAKES on 42nd STREET" Imagine going into a shoe store to buy a pair of size powder blue size five open toes sandles,that you saw advertized in the store window, ladies, and the salesperson brings you back a pair of size 10 waterproof black combat boots. What would your reaction be? if you've got all your marbles, you would demand that the clerk bring you the shoes that you requested right? of course, right. Would you BUY the boots in place of the advertized sandels? Lets go futher with this, what if the clerk told you that the boots were the only thing he had, and furthermore, DEMAND you pay for them since he went to all the trouble to bring them to you? Unless you're brain dead, you would leave the store in a huff, and wonder why the store advertized a shoe they had for sale that they KNOW they didnt have, and demand you pay for it?
And yet, every year, millions of people come to TIMES SQUARE and give away hundreds of dollars to these Street caricatue pimps who cant even draw flies, let alone caricatures.
These caricature con artists continue to post the work of other established artists on their displays, knowing that this bait will attract tourists who willingly sit down believing they will get a picture JUST LIKE THE ONES THEY SEE ADVERTISED! of course, they DONT get what they see advertised, and PAY ANYWAY!!! It's amazing.

After leaving my job at a recent gig at SARDI'S RESTAURANT, I decided to see who was outside hustling, and came immediately to the stand of the artist pictured here. I pointed to the John Wanye Caricature that I KNOW SEBASTIAN KRUGER drew, pointed to it, and asked him "DID YOU DRAW THIS ONE????" "yes, " he replied, nodding his head several times, "ARE YOU SURE? YOU DID DRAW THIS RIGHT?" I asked again pointing at the Kruger, to which he answered yes, I did several times. "AND YOU CAN DRAW ME LOOKING LIKE THAT???" I asked. Again he said yes, and that's when I snappeed the picture, much to his dismay. He didnt like to me snapping a shot of him or his stand but could do nothing about it, since it happened so quickly.

If you see this quy on the street, tell him the subwaysurfer is watching him....

Monday, November 02, 2009

Makin' Waves Mini Comic Book Cover Art Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

ANOTHER comic con has come and gone, and yours truely, The Subwaysurfer, did NOT get his minicomics printed up in time to attend.... Sigh.... Not that i COULD have gone anyway, since i had a caricature job to do in Edison that day, but it's the PRINCIPLE of the thing darn it!!!
Making comics has become a sort of "hobby" of mine, especially since my accident last year that kept me homebound. Im happy to say that I am doing MUCH better, can walk without the aid of a cane, and dont need to carry around a chair anymore, AND Ieven dropped a ton of weight that was aggravating my condition! Even though Im up and about more, the love of making comics has grown stronger, but procrastination still seems to be an enemy . The only way to slay the procrastination devil is to meet it head on with hard work, and thats what I did.
It was then that I realized that one project was already done, and right under my nose, namely, the ongoing editorial comics I'd been drawing for The Wave Newspaper for the past year now. The Wave Newspaper, incidently, was awarded the much coveted, BEST OF TH BEST status by The Village Voice recently, and Id like to think that my cartoons helped to contribute to the papers success.
To continue, though... Ive compiled a couple of my best editorial toons from 2008-2009 and have decided to put them into a mini comic that will be on sale for the next comic con that comes around. I even came up with this snazzy cover today that i drew while subwaysurfing on public transportation. Comc Comic Con time I will be ready with at least four books that I am in the process of making, one of which that is so hush hush, I wont even TALK about it! be watching here for news!

Check out my comics blog at

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