Friday, April 24, 2009


See that web address there? BOOKMARK it, and visit it often. Glenn Ferguson is one of the greatest caricature artists currently living in the universe. I have no hard proof, but I'd bet a dollar to donuts that the guy is not even human, but some kind of mutant. Glenn is one of my personal inspirations and all time favorite caricature artists of all time and that says a lot because Ive got some pretty heavy hitters on my list. Glenns work breathes life, intensity, personality and humour. A master exaggerator and as corny as it sounds a really nice guy. As a member of the NCN , now the ISCA, Glenn has consistently placed in the top three in the major competitions years after year. Just when you think he's done all he can do, he surprises you with ANOTHER phenomenal drawing that surpasses his previous one. I'm the proud owner of a piece he did of me years ago which hangs in my studio and will NEVER see the light of EBay!
Literally EVERY ounce of this picture here of Mick Jagger SCREAMS caricature, from his hair, right down to his fingertips! Glenn is a master of leaving no stone unturned visually and never fails to help me shoot for the moon.

I was one of the LUCKY LUCKY FEW to get my very own Glenn Ferguson Caricature at a past NCN Convention. It hangs prominently on my wall in my studio facing me and i can see it every time I look up from my Keyboard! When MOST people caricature me, they go for the EYES but GLENN went for the TEETH!!! LOL! what a genius that guy is!

Notice the 
SUBWAYTRAIN WITH THE GRAFFETT!!! in the background! How NUTS is THAT!!!!

Update... Glenn eventually DID win the Golden Nosey... It was Inevitable, and the RIGHT thing to do.