Thursday, May 15, 2008


Jeremy Townsend. Another one of the many caricature artists I admire. Jeremey, or "jert" as he likes to be called is one of those "natural" cartoonists. He draws the most outrageously cartoony live caricatures as easily as I breathe. I highly recommend you regularly visit his blogsite . I know I do.
Drawing Jert is like trying to focus on the individual components that make up a hurricane. You dont know where to look, and once you start to concentrate on one thing, you get hit over the head with something else you never saw coming. I did my best to compile a "look" fo him based on a couple of photograps. This is my first attempt.

Berto Gonzales....and "his baby"

Berto did a controversial caricature of a baby with fangs that he really got "called on the carpet" for my some members of the NCN Forum. Berto's a classy guy and took the criticism well, but i couldnt resist teasing him ONE more time about the incident. Besides, he's got such a fun face to draw I wanted another shot at it anyways.
The caricature of the baby he drew is in the background and it IS funny. Sometimes the "exaggeration monster" gets ahold of us caricature artists and we soetimes forget that the general public doesnt see the world thorough a funhouse mirror like we do!!

Gurlie caricatures on the L and #2 trains

A bell goes off in my head everytime I see an attractive girl on the train. I instantly call upon all my powers to see how jacked up I can make them look. I wasnt as successful with the Asian girl, but I did end up making this gorgeous latina look like a babboon....She had the most incredible captivatig eyes ad beautiful bone structure.

Bronx Bound #2 Train Biznessmen caricatures

Saw these two Biznessmen talking dollars and sense on the Bronx bound 2 train. The guy with all the hair was one of those good lookin guys that no matter how much you try to "ess them up" they STILL end up looking good. I had more fun with his friend though.

Union Square Caricature

I was hanging out with fellow caricature Artist, Mark Zman..(feel free to take a swing at his picture) who was drawing caricatures in Union Square, when Elliott stopped at the table. I dont know what it was, but Elliott had "one of those faces" that captivated me and i felt "drawn" to drawn him. The way the glasses fit on his face kinda reminded me of Julius Dithers, Dagwood Bumsteads boss in the 1950-s Comic Strip "Blondie"
Drawing Live is so different from when you have the time to analyze a face. I see some thigs I want to change o this so I will probably do it later.