Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not ANOTHER Obama cartoon!

Looks like Im getting the hang of drawing Obama! and I will have four more years to practice. This Toon is another in the series of Tract illustrations for World Outreach Evangelical Ministries. I really feel bad for Obama in a way. He's got a LOOOOOOT on his back, The war, the economy, and the hopes and dreams of the American people who seem to want to make him the end all and be all, kind of like a Messiah figure. That's a lot of pressure for any flawed human being to handle.

Elton John Lookalike

This is a memory sketch of a person I drew at a recent gig. He reminded me so much of Elton John the only thing missing was a Grand Piano. He was actually an English teacher from Hong Kong as was at the Corporate event with his wife. He got drawn twice.
Of course it's unfinished, raw and unpolished. I will come back later to finish it.

Three dudes on da train

I had a LOT of time riding the train yesterday as i went to two gigs that were miles apart. I decided to use a more modeled approach in the drawing this time using the colored woodless pencils. The First man with the large eyes was desperately trying to stay awake as he was watching me draw him. His stare was SO intense that I had to look away a couple of times. He eventually fell asleep, and then it was easy.The last man in purple had this self satisfied look on his face, as if he was saying , "go ahead, and draw! How could you resist a face as handsome as this!"

"Whateverrrrrrrrrrr...." Teenager on the Q53 Bus

I love to draw teenagers. They all seem to work SOOOOOOOO very hard at being nonchalant and uncaring, meanwhile on the inside they are a bundle of nerves and emotions. I caught this guy walking onto the Q53 Last night on the way home from my gig.I love the animated feel of this sketch! I drew it in 10 seconds.

You want CUTE? I can draw cute!!

I did this gift caricature of Connor, for fellow Caricature artist, Wanye Savage. Cute little monkey, aint he? I remember doing a gig for to promote the animated film, "Space Chimps" last summer, and thought it would be perfect to draw Wanye's kid like this. Dont you wish YOU could swing on a Banana?