Saturday, September 06, 2008

Subway sketchbook surprises

Found these two hiding out in the ole book. I remember the girl in particular. She actually said to me "people pay ME to draw ME"(and refused to pose for a caricature) I clowned her anyway just for my own personal enjoyment. She was a very pretty girl and i proved th her that "good looks " dont mean squat to a great caricature artist with "evil intentions" That dude on the subway, I nicknamed "jeb" . He has this strong redneck vibe.

Kool Asian "gangsta" on the Subway

Sorry that this is so rough, but if I cleaned up the sketch it would really lose a lot of the raw energy I was able to get into it. I saw this Koooooool Asian dude lookin' totally "gangsta on the subway the other day. He had the cold , "i'll kick a bone out ya butt" thousand mile , Bruce Lee stare thang down pat, and just oozed koolness and menace. I did this quickly in pencil, tried to clean it up , but figured it was fine the way it was. I can remember on several ocassions how Asina people have complimente me on the way I depict them. "you draw us like individutalss" and NOT like the stereotype, I've heard them say. Little do they know that i was ONE of those artists who DID draw them like a stereotype! I learned to actually SEE them thanks to instruction from, Kenly Dillard ....once again...

Makin fun of Sean....again

Just "monying around" with Sean's great face again... MAN! I wish I was going to raleigh to clown him in person.... Hope you like this one sean baby! HA!!!!

Kenly Dillard is too ###&&** GOOD!

I have this "love hate" artistic relationship with fellow caricature artist/partner in crime kenly Dillard.Not only is he a great caricature artist, but he draws this "cutie pie" children's art that makes parent blush and go "awwwww!" as they start reaching in their pockets to give him dollars. This particular painting, done in watercolor was displayed on his street caricatue stand, and w2as so delightful that one patron brought it outright for 50.00 bucks.
I was green with envy but had to give the kid his due. Its one heck of a good painting, and it only took him ten minutes to do. We're both collaborating on a book thats coming out soon. I figured i rather have him as a friend than an enemy!
All jokes aside for those of you who dont know Kenly, Sketchoholic Dillard was the guy who trained me to be a street artist, and helped me with my exaggeration in the early days. But i have yet to do this "cutie pie stuf as well as he dows.

Sewer Ratt Vs Roach! Another great Rocketshark concept

This hilarious concept was thought up by Sean of Rocketshark Ringtones. Sean commissioned me to do a toon of a "superfight with a Conckroach vs a Streetwise sew2er ratt. This was crazy fun to do as sean wanted the "ring " to be a turned over box the ringposts some ciagrettes, and the ropes scotch tape. I got great art direction on this piece and it was a breeze to do. if only all art directors could be so innovative and helpful. Some art directors Ive worked with seem to want me to magically pull the idea from thier heads without ANY direction that only leads to a lot of drawing and frustration.