Sunday, November 26, 2006

Larry Youngstein HAVIN' A PARTY

I recently had the pleasure of doing a character design logo for my very first Agent, Larry Youngstein Of Havin' A Party in Canarsie Brooklyn, Larry took a chance on me 10 years ago when I walked into his shop on Ave L to audition for the nonexisting job of a caricature artist. I'll always be grateful for him for giving me a shot, treating me with respect, and teaching me the business of live entertainment. Even though he cant afford me now, LOL! I still to this day, use many of the things he taught me about how to run my own business, and he never steered me wrong.

Friday, November 24, 2006


He's too much fun NOT to draw too!! Im doing this as part of a storyboard that i cant talk about yet!


My animation teacher ALWAYS has us drawing the model for one 20 minute pose and 5 1 minute, and 5 30 second poses. At first I resented this and wanted to get to the "real" drawing and not waste time. I would even angrily caricature my nudes at first, since I hated doing this so much. Over time, however,I changed my mind, when I began to notice the gesture of my cartoons changing. Now I look forward to drawing nudes and really try hard to get it "right".

TD Jakes Caricature

Did this caricature of Pastor T.D. Jakes while he was "on a roll" preaching up a storm. This guy is reallllly animated! and he sweats more than James Brown eating a blate of hotwings on a hot stove in July!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

drawing my room....

I figured if im going to include storyboarding to one of my many ways of finding income, iI'd better focus as much on drawing scenary as I do on cartooning and the figure. It's rather dry and boring at first, but when you get into it, you start to really open up.

arnold schwarzenegger caricature

He's too fun NOT to draw! I was going for an "animated Saturday morning cartoon" feel...


My attempt at drawing Gov Arnold, Rosie O Donnell, Jen and Tom Cruise for an upcoming storyboard animatic project. I think I did great on Arnold and rosie but missed 0n Tom and Jen a little.

Monday, November 20, 2006

me again

another self caricature. I actually have a pink jacket that I wear to my live drawing gigs , as well as a black fedora, blk and wht spotted tie, and wht and blk "ganster" style shoes.

drawing a crowd

I am currently working on a storyboard for a client where in one of the panels I had to draw a crowd scene. At first i shuddered at the thought of doing such a massaive drawing and was concerned that everyone would end up looking stiff and boring. But, once I got on the subway and started drawing, the work just seemed to flow out of me. It was a great exercise also in studying body language.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Too Sexy?

Recently submitted this idea to a clothing manufacturer. They loved the concept, but rejected the drawing. According to them, the kitty was a little "too sexy" for the doggie who looked innocent...

1950"s Caricature

Im studying a great 1950's Cartoon book that is called Cartoon Modern. Here is a cartoon I did of caricature artist, Alison Gelbman , in a simple style.

Japanese Storyboards

I recently did a job with a Japanese Advertizing company called , Wasabi Kikaku, Inc. in NYC. It was a promotional board done for Continental Airlines and a Japanese Airline firm targeted towards their Silver Elite Frequent Flyer Customers. The job was an education in Japanese Culture and i had to really work at making my work simple as that was the look they were looking for. Here are some of the isolated drawings and boards.
They rejected the color drawing and the first girl I did, and told mw she was ugly!

Cute cartoons chibi style