Friday, July 23, 2010

UNION SQUARE MEMORIES By Elgin SUbwaysurfer Bolling

UNION SQUARE MEMORIES By Elgin SUbwaysurfer Bolling
I always thought you’d stick around
To draw my face so funny…

I regret the times I’d pass you by
Pretending I had
No money…

I’d watch you draw
And would secretly admire…
Never realizing a Political fire
Had been lit and put in motion,
By a “Richie Rich” Politician
Who one day got the notion,
That he needed yet ANOTHER piece of the street…

He couldn’t care less
That he’d make a mess
Causing others not to Eat…

He doesn’t care
And it’s unfair
That because of him
They’ll be another hundred candidates
That’ll drain more dollars,
Make the Middle Class Holler,
In an already depressed Economy

Which is already taking it’s toll on me…
And soon on “SHE”
And "HE"
And even

To Be Or Not To BE
That is The Question
I keep asking ME,
When Cops Start Arrestin’
People Who Do Nothin’ Wrong
But DRAW!!
While Da Dealer On The Corner Sell Crack
You Blue Boys Pretend You Never Saw…

I guess Locking up a vendor who's selling a clock
Is a heck of a lot safer than duckin bullets from a Glock
I understand it’s no fun, you see,
But Then Again,
Nobody FORCED you to join The NYPD
You did that for free.

“Quality of Life”
It’s a term that’s been thrown around and used
By A Mayor, who’s spit shined shoes
Never ever touches down
On this Terra fir-ma we city dwellers call
“The Ground”
Bloomie never sticks around…
Unless threes a Photo Op to be found…

You Yuppies Are just a buncha guppies
Swimming in ya fish bowls
Whining like puppies

What did people like you do to protect people like me?
Passed me by,
Gawked at my pictures,
While Gulping Ya Latties and Tea??

“ I don’t NEED one of THOSE”
“ I GOT one of THOSE”
You mumbled contemptuously
Looking down your nose..

You all shudda got drawn by me
When it was cheaper
In Light of recent events
The price for Caricature has just become steeper.
You could been a customer,
Insteadda a “peeper
Ya shudda woke up
Insteadda being a Sleeper.

Now that we’re gone,
In no time you'll see
The “Quality of life” you seek,
That was ME.
Along with thousands of vendors
Wake up and smell the coffee!

Finally, it really says a LOT
That politician TOTALLY FORGOT
Who foiled a Times Square Terrorist Plot
By spotting a Suspicious Vehicle
And that’s saying a LOT

We thought you’d be grateful
But you turned out to be hateful
All you did was DISS US
Give it time
You’re going to

Miss us.

copyright 2010 all rights reserved