Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr. Myagi remake

This is a remake of a caricature i did a few years ago of a distinguished Asian Gentleman I saw on one of the Eastside trains, mabye the 4 or 5 train.... I recall him catching my eye, after commenting on his appearance he looked quietly in my direction so i could get a VERY tood look at him. Something like this almost NEVER happens, and because it was so unusual, I remember his face sith complete clarity. I couldnt help thinking how he reminded me of a thinner, more elegant version of Pat Morita's Character, Mr. Myagi, from the "Karate Kid" movies starring Ralph Macchio in the title role in the eighties. I was between customers at a gig when I drew this. I always felt that he would make an excellent character as the role of the "ancient master" in some kind of anime series.