Monday, March 15, 2010

Gov Patterson, Charie Rangle, Al Sharpton ,Malcolm Smith, Carl Mccall .Greg Meeks Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon of Gov Paterson depicted as Charlie Brown Holding his poor "Political Report Card" much to the displeasure of NYC Black Leadership Power brokers, Al Sharpton, (top left,) Carl Mc Call (bottom left) Charles Rangle (bottom right)Greg Meeks (middle right) and Malcolm Smith (top right) drawn for The Wave Newspaper Far Rockaway NY
A series of recent Political flops, mishaps, and blunders, from an experienced Politician like Gov Paterson "earned him " the title of "Blockhead"

Charles Rangle in particular has a deceptively "easy" looking face to draw at first glance, but I somehow found it tricky to get his likeness as spot on as I usually get them, and with the deadline looming large in the background I had to settle for a less than perfect picture IMO, of him. His face will definitely be revisted. I was overjoyed at having an excuse to draw Al Sharpton. As noted in an earlier post, I viewed some youtube clips on him, and he's really a pretty smart guy, and great speaker. Of course, Ive drawn so many pics of Sen Malcolm Smith and his pal, Greg Meeks that I can practically draw them in my sleep now. Carl Mc Call is new. He has one of those "handsome" faces that is also deceptively hard to "grab unto" viusally without switching into generic caricature mode. All of these guys have such interesting faces that Im really surprised, with the exception of Sharpton, of course, that they havent been caricatured more by artists in recent years.

The caricature artist in me would love to go REALLLLLLLLLY extreme on all of these guys, but for publishing purposes, it's best to stick "middle of the road" with only slight exaggeration, I've found.