Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Retail caricature, why we do what we do

Some folks see a street caricature artist, or artist in a theme park or at a mall working "retail" and think we bring home giant bags of money every day!

The truth is that some days, we bring home very few dollars, almost pennies...

Other days we take a lot of abuse from irate customers,bratty kids, street people, so called "real artists" who look down on us, law enforcement officials who give us hard times setting up, and other retailers who we have to fight for space! You feel like EVERYONE is using your backside for a target!

Then why do it at all? why not give up, and get a "real job?"

It's because of the FREEDOM!! of knowing that you are NOT taking a handout, NOT relying on Government aid, but making a living with your own two hands, your brains and your wit! Retail caricature tests your negotiation skills, your public relations skills, your marketing skills, and of course, your drawing skills. Everyday is a new challenge, and yesterday's work, means nothing today. You must show up for work and PROVE yourself everyday! That's satisfying and it's also AMERICAN! Ive left home without a dime in my pocket and have come back with hundreds of dollars, all because I took a chance on myself, and took advantage of what this country has to offer all of us, OPPORTUNITY. We're going through hard times now, but as long as I have a pencil and paper, I have the confidence that i will never go hungry!


There comes a point in every negotiation involving males where words can no longer adequately carry the message you want to express.... nothin like a little primal physical persuasion to ensure that everyone's on the same page. In the old days a man would even respect you more if you knocked him "upside his head" especially if he knew he had it comin..
It's been my experience also, that so called "Alpha Males" have a tendency to take so called"brainiac guys" for granted, thinking they cant possibly "ring your bell" if the situation arises.
As for the punch in the eye, it's always been a fight ender for me.....


copyright infringement and creator's rights is something I, and every other artist takes very seriously. Although so called creative people may SEEM like they make great works of art easily, it really DOES take hard work. Even these few panels for this cartoon series took a couple of months of planning out and mulling over in my head. Artists deserve to be compensated for their work, even if it seems to be "crap" or "poop". You shouldnt be profiting from my poop without my consent. Lifting and profiting off of another artists' work is something that happens on the internet all the time, unfortunately. All you do is copy and paste, and it's "yours" I recall one friend who was furious when he saw HIS cartoon silk screened on a strangers' tee shirt while shopping in the supermarket! If that wasnt bad enough, the guilty party even erased HIS name, and wrote in his own! That artist,cartoonist, Oliver Gaspritz, was an editor I worked with at The Canarsie Courier Newspaper Years ago. Tom Richmond, on his blogsite, has some excellent idiot proof articles on this, that are worth reading about.


I've got this squirrel who lives in the tree infront of my house, owns property in the back of the house, and also has carved out a space for himself and his FAMILY on the roof of my house! The squirrel "came with " the house, so i guess he feels he has "squatters rights" or something like that. I imagined if the little pest could talk, he'd probably would be an attorney. He'd probably try to stick it to me also, since he cant get into my garbage can like he can my neighbors.
The story is about to reach it's end. Stay tuned.