Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Red head with Big Red Nose on Q22 Bus

I was riding the Q22 Bus, and that when I saw him.... this BIG RED nose, sticking out like a roadsign directly across from me. The Q22 Bus in Far Rockaway has a short route , running starting in Breezy Point just before the Marine Park Bridge into Brooklyn, and ending on Mott Ave. Although Rockaway residnts are a mixture of whites blacks and latinos, I was riding in the bus towards Mott Ave which is predominately populated by African Americans, so it was unusual to even see such a "white looking" White guy on the bus. which made him stand out more.

The fact that he was reluctant to make eye contact with anyone made my capturing him that much easier, heh, heh.... In an effort to look tough,he adopted that standard issue "deadpan stare" showing no emotion whatsoever, and also wore his baseball cap backwards, in customary "B Boye" fashion, but his giant dumbo ears, and that shock of shaggy red hair that protruded out of the front and the back made him look hilarious. The Bulbous Clown nose, definitely stood out and I had to resist the urge to reach over and give it a squeeze! LOL!!! I wonder if it would have "honked?" This guy also had very pink salmon colored skin which made the redness on his nose stand out even more.To be honest, this picture is MORE of a self portrait of how this guy really looked than an actual caricature that I embellished. I guess some people are just "God's Live action Cartoons". This guy also had a "Bob Denver, Gilligan" type of quality about him./ Boy do I LOVE riding Mass Transit!!! All you need is a Metro card and a Pencil!!

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