Thursday, February 07, 2008

Im with the band

Once they boarded the Manhattan Bound A Train at the Howard Beach JFK Station, I knew just from lookin at them that they were in a band.
The fiveaway was the hair. Brightly colored hair , electric blue, Neon Yellow , Lavender, and of course leather. One of the band members literally stumbled into me and I introduced myself. He said they were in from California, and their name was vyncentflaw. I didnt have time to inquire about the name, but the were a band that stuck togehter through High School, and were going to perform in NYC for a couple of days.I drew a quick caricature of all three of em, Max, Mike , and Brandon, and left the door open to do a more detailed one of them at a later date, maybe even do their CD cover. Who knowss. These guys might be really famous one day, or maybe they already are!