Sunday, September 05, 2010


What an incredible day Sept 4 was! After biting my nails down to stubs worrying all week about what Hurricane EARL would be doing on Saturday... the weather was picture perfect, the breeze was gentle, the horses were jumping , and there I was drawing caricatures under the Big tent to a captivated crowd of children and adults. Drawing at the Hamptons Classic was such an enjoyable event that I refused literally to take a break and ended up drawing five hours continuously, and i can HONESTLY say I did over a hundred drawings all perfect!!!!

sadly, I didn't get an opportunity to draw caricatures of my fellow commuters on the HAMPTONSS JITNEY bus ride over , but I DID manage to capture some fellow commuters on the MTA going to the event and returning home that I'll share in another post.

Here's an excerpt from a press release on the Hampton Classic web site talking about yours truly...

Cablevision's Kids Day Shines at Hampton Classic Horse Show
Bridgehampton, NY-September 4, 2010- A beautiful sunny day welcomed children of all ages that came to enjoy Cablevision's Kids Day at the Hampton Classic Horse Show on Saturday.
The Exhibition Kids Tent was filled with exciting activities including the Amazing Zola, the master magician, who mesmerized one and all with his amazing magic tricks. Elgin Bolling, the Caricaturist, was kept busy the entire afternoon offering a free character drawing to anyone who was willing to sit for a couple of minutes, which was difficult to do for most of the children because there was so much to see!