Monday, May 18, 2009

Draw me like a Southern Belle...

She asked me to draw her like a Southern Belle, and I replied that i didnt know what that looked like but could draw her as a liberty belle. We spent the next couple of minutes talking about who she was, where she came from and how she came to be at the party. It turns out that she used to live in NYC and moved down south for a couple of years. This lady was in her seventies and looked years younger.Her secret, was Oil of Olay. She told me that she started using Oil of Olay as a pre teen, when it was sold exclusively overseas. She was a walking advertizement fro the product. I drew her beautiful of course.

Bruce lee & Mick Jagger's "Love Child" on the L Train

Looked at this dude on a Brooklyn Bound L train on the way home from my gig, and noticed that he was sporting a 1970's Bruce Lee Hair Doo, complete with the bangs and sideburns. He even had the thick eyebrows like Bruce. The two things that killed the look was the spectacles and those lips. He reminded me of a Mick Jagger Bruce Lee Hybrid.

She's got her Mother's eyes, and her Father's Mustache..

At a recent party relatives started disputing over whether the child looked more like the mother or the father... after a few minutes of intense debate, I decided to settle the matter by drawing this picture here in hopes of satisfying both parties.

My good intentions were not well recieved by anyone, and at this writing, a posse is still hunting me with orders to shoot to kill. Just goes to show what happens when you try to please everyone.

Im kidding of course, but it makes a funny story no? My buddy Alsion and I had just finished a gig where the last person was a baby that I drew. As always, we stopped to eat at a diner to recap and do some more drawings. This is a collaboration we both came up with. It was a lotta fun.