Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it a crime to have TOO MUCH fun???

If having fun was a felony, Id have one heck of a long rap sheet. I realllllly tried to go out on a limb to stretch myself with these two and thing i may have succeeding in falling off that limb. I didnt hurt myself, but boy... if people could SEE what Im doing to THEM they'd sure want to hurt ME!!! The "wall streettype" On the bottom looks expecially greedy and scandalous.... At first I debated putting the cartoony eyes on the bald dude with the wifebeater tee shirt, but it kinda works with the exaggeration.

What i love about both pictures is that their head shapes are funny! This is a lesson I learned from that great Exaggerator, Jan Op Da Beeck at a seminar he gave at an NCN convention in Las Vegas a few years back. Jan's work can be viewed on this blog by clicking on the link on the right side of the page.

Klaas Op De Beéck

Fellow caricature artist, Klass Op De Beeck, has one of "Those" faces that makes you want to draw it so bad that if you didnt have a pencil on you, you'd pin pick your index finger and draw with the blood. This is my first attempt at him.
Klass' has the great fortune to be the nephew of the great Jan Op De Beéck whose work has inspired hordes of caricature artists the world over. Some kids have all the luck!

Another lovely couple.

In this caricature coupling here, im playing around with Duckman's face and also drew the face of a buddy that he had with him. Love the contrast.

a duck, Pokemon, and a Missle on the subway?

It helps when you're caricaturing to visualize your subjects like animals or objects just to give your imagination something to visualize and morph. The first guy reminded me of a duck, the 2nd kid had eyes like two giant hardboiled eggs, and also looked to me, like the character, Ash, on Pokemon. The other kid had a head just like a missle that was about to be launched!

There's no one to draw???!!! YYYYYAAAAA!!!!

Most of you think that whenever I go subwaysurfing, I just sit down and caricature whoever is in front of me... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That is definitely NOT the case. I am like a lion in the jungle. I dont just randomly choose a zebra just because it has stripes and happens to be near me.... Each victim is carefully scouted and has that particular "something" that says Draw me!!! In the course of a train ride i can usually find several. Except yesterday.... i couldnt find ANYONE! i couldnt believe that no one was interesting enough to draw! i knew I had to upload SOMETHING or risk having my loyal fans click onto another blog and forever abandon mine. So I drew ANOTHER self portrait of myself madd as hell that i couldnt find someone to draw. i always wondered how I'd look with a nose and tongue ring, so i threw those in there too...