Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Here I am with partner in crime, Kenly disneyland Dillard getting ready for battle on the subway!

HEATWAVE effects kid in subway

The kid is hot and starts to sing...

I cant friggin breathe
in this thing!!

these new mothers
with their kids
they like to wear...
they dont realize
they're cutting off their
babies' air!

Hope the kid survives
his uncomfortable subway ride!

The Heatwave is reallly effecting everyone in nyc and the subways offer no relief! LOL I saw this poor kid sweating up a storm being carried by his mom in one of these "kangaroo like" contraptions that literally straps the kid in like a bad coney island ride. The heat from the mother, combined with the childs, body heat, combined with the heat from the street AND the subwaystation makes for a VVVVVERRRRRY uncomfortable ride.