Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sadd faces

The overall mood of everyone in this post is sad, pensive, introspective. The first one is of this dude on a Queens Bound A train To Mott Ave. He seemed to alternate between melancholy and anger even behind those shades. What caught my attention was the hair. The angles were bold , daring, outrageous, and ... odd. Ho in the world did he get his hair to behave like that? truly ANYTHING goes in the world of fashion these days. The woman on the bottom seems so lost in thought and das like she was dealing with some bad news, trying to hold emotion in check until she got home. I felt like I was almost intruding when I drew her, but wanted to capture such a tender human moment. The guy in the middle just needs a toothbrush....

"you made me look STOOPID"

I was actually scanning this wrong but liked the result of having it off center better to create a mood.
The was what I considered a great caricature of a young lady who posed for me while drawing on the street. She thought the exaggeration made her look "stoopid" and promptly left without paying. Funny thing is, I really wasnt going for "killer exaggeration" on this one. I still thinkIt makes her look kinda cute. This is the frustrating thing about drawing young women. SO many of them as SO caught up in theri appearance that they literally seem to define themselves by how they look from moment to moment, never stopping to laugh at themselves even for a caricature, which by its bery nature is ... humorous.
No wonder Plastic surgeons are making millions....

Mom... the strange man is drawing me....

This kids face said it all, and I was really lucky his mom didnt take offense! LOL! The kid would look up periodically from his book and catch me staring at him. Usually when i do my subway sketching I try my best to do it on the sneak so that people are natural and dont "pose" or look away. Most people are off in their own world or oblivious. Children, I find seem to have this 6th sense when they're being watched, and this guy's 6th sense was working overtime. I had invested too much time to stop though.

Frat boyz!!

I did a massive 25 person caricature last year of a group of Frat Boyz from a local Brooklyn College Fraternity. -duh... if I could only remember the name! ARRRGH!!! -anyways, out of all the faces these three here kind of spoke to me.

morning sketches