Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Surfer Does Sardi's !! with Absolut Vodka

The folks I was entertaining this evening were with Absolut Vodka. I got a kick out of that because I helped the company with their famous "find Your Flavor" campaign 2 years before. The results were hilarious. Everyone had a great time, and even my photos didnt suck as much.

The Subwaysurfer Draws at Sardi's .... Again!

No gig quite matches the pure adrenalin rush of drawing at Sarid's Restaurant! Just to be in the same place where all the great New York Caricature artists drew and entertained, I get goose bumps knowing that Im carrying on the tradition of drawing at the "caricature Mecca" Ive Done Sardis about 5or 6 times in the past couple of years and have never taken ANY photos. I wanted to break and old habit so... here goes enjoy.

The walls are fabulous so much history!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday Subway Surfing on the A train Rockaway Park Shuttle

I needed to go into the city to buy some art supplies, and forgot that on Saturday in the Rockaways the trains are all screwed up due to construction. As I boarded the A train at 116th street and Rock Park I immediately began drawn to this immaculately clean A train subway car. The A is always so horribly crowded, that this was actually a rare site , so I took an opportunity to snap a picture of my Subway Studio.

I was in a good mood today and sketched a lot of people and literally gave the sketches away to them. I sometimes do this as a way of spreading "good will" on the subway and making it a pleasant commute for the passengers. I also use it as a promotional opportunity for my own business as I have my contact info written on the picture.
I met this two people, a brother and sister, from Israel , who were visiting their family in Far Rockaway, and they both had PERFECT faces for drawing. I usually DONT ask people to pose for pictures on the subway, but couldn't resist this time. They happily agreed, and here they are!
I'm NOT the greatest photog as dive stated before, and the train was moving when I shot the sister. The train had stopped when I shot the brother, and I even did a close up of the pic itself.

I gave them both a flyer and asked them to spread my fame in Israel. They promised they would, and it would be a kick to one day get a request for a gift caricature from their country. It COULD happen.

These pictures arent my usual hyper exaggerated caricatures that you've come to know and love. At the time I was really trying to go for likeness more than extreme. One rule about doing extreme caricature is this> If you think you've already exaggerated the picture, do it a little MORE . Its the "MORE" that pushed you over the edge.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coors Brewing Compnay Porter House Gig SPECIAL Shout out to Thomsons Art Supply Inc

Overall the praty was great . A lot of the guys got drunk really fast and began requesting my WILD caricatures. They were literally THROWING eacth other in the hair to be drawn. I managed to get some shots of what I did , but as usual I was more into the drawing than the photography. I will get better...

Very very SPECIAL shout out to the folks at

Thomsons Art Supply Inc.
Located at

184 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601

It was like a dream come true. RIGHT across the street from my gig was this fantastic art store. Not only was the store very well stocked, but the staff was professional and courteous. Phil I draw primarily in pencil and Phil turned me on to the creatacolor NERO black lead for my mechanical pencil and let me tell you it's by far the DARKEST lead Ive ever used. It was perfect for my line drawing as these drawings are evidence.
According to the blurb on their website,the store is Centrally located in downtown White Plains, New York, Thomson's Art Supply has been serving the Westchester art community for over 75 years. Our 2 story establishment is overflowing with the finest artist materials, drafting supplies, hobby equipment and much more. By catering to the specialized professional and local art student base, we are able to provide the neighborhood with an extensive range of art resources.

My only regret is that the store is NOT in my neighborhood, but definitely worth the comute to get to!

Coors Brewing Company Gig at the Porter House in White Plains I get to meet Vladimir

I arrived early at the porter house and was delighted to find out there was a fabulous art store located right across the street from the bar!! immediately I rushed over and brought some last minute items for my gig and even managed to place some of my party contact info in the store itself.

The first person I met at the gig was my fellow caricature artist, Vladimir Bellvue.
Vladimir has, as we say in the caricature business, one of THOSE faces.... one of those faces that when you see it, your mind automatically starts speculating on how you can bend and stretch it. I was looking forward to drawing him as I make a habit to do with the artist I work with, and it's usually something the other artist enjoys too, since I also have "one of those faces'.
I introduced myself to Vladimir and noticed right away that he was exactly the armest individual.
"hi! my name is Elgin!'
"wow! you've got a great face! I cant wait to draw you! Draw me too!
blank menacing stare
"er... how did you get here?"
"er, how long you been doing this?"
ten years.

Okay... so he's not gregarious. No harm in that... Im maybe too talkie... still < I dont usually find caricature artists to be so...stoic. I immediately sat infont of him and started sketching his face and showed it to him.
Blank stare.

As people began to come in , a couple sat in his chair and I immediately came up behind him to watch his technique. Perhaps he warms up when he's drawing, i thought. "mind if I watch?" I inquired, fully expecting to get my usual ,"sure" reply I get from other artists.
He looks at me with those deadpan eyes and says;
No. It's a little distracting..

And that was it.
For all you would be caricature artists out there, take notes. When you go to a gig and meet another artist... be friendly.The other artist is not your competitor. In fact, the other artist there can spur you on to be a BETTER artist and performer, regardless of your level of ability. Not to mention that we artsits sometimes refere people we like for other gigs which means M-o-n-e-y . A caricature artist who thinks someone watching is "distracting" is like a clown who doesnt want people laughing as he goes through his routine.

Here are my renditions of Vladimir Bellvue after he told me that I was "distracting".

Metro North Caricature 4:59 To White Plains

Dontinuing onward on my journey to the Coors Brewing Company gig at The Porter House in White Plains, I boarded the Metro North Express train that would have me at my gig in 20 minutes. I really enjoy riding Metro North the best. Their seats are comfortable and spacious and you can get an EXCELLENT view of fellow commuters.These were the best two faces I captures in 20 minutes.

Subway Caricatures 3:30pm Manhattan Bound A

I had a great gig yesterday for The Coors Beer Brewing Company at the Porter House Bar/Restaurant 169 Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains. I Did my usual "warm up" on unsuspecting commuters (heh heh) on my way over. The train was unusually crowded for an afternoon, but I managed to squeeze off a couple of "shots" here they are! BANG! BANG! Drawing on a very crowded train is always a challenge because people are constantly shifting catch their balance and avoid other passengers, and often times someone can step right infront of your victim and abstruct your view. Another added element is that sometimes my neighbors want to talk to me about the picture, or about how their cousin, aunt , grandmother, dog draws pictures too. This soetimes alerts my subject to my prescence and totally ruins the picture. I had to sketch these drawings in about 1 minute. The guy took a little longer as I kept going back to his face to modify it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

soebody went crazy with the blowdryer today....

Love dat hat

I wonder if this guy knows that the "fiddler on the roof " look went out years ago....

The personification of "nerd"

What can i say? you almost wanna say pencil neck when you look at this guy!

The Chinese "Richie Rich"

I had a gig at a Chinese New Year party earlier this year, and promised one of the attende4es that I'd draw his caricature over and finally got around to it today. I was intrigued by his expression and haircut. He actually looked like a Chinese Richie Rich from the comic book. Cant wait to send it to him.

Baboon lookin gurl

she does kinda look like a baboon doesnt she? what can I say? I still got Monkeys on the brain..... It probably will become a permanent part of my drawing style since its so much fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back 2 the Subway!!!

Oh man! nothings changed! they're still funny lookin! This guy reminded me of a teenage throll!
Is it ME or does this guy look like a reject from the movie , "Gremlins?"


Time to let the memory go......sigh....

Monday, April 21, 2008

NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2008 !! Lar deSouza

I was surprised to run into one of my caricature mentors , Lar deSouza, a brillant Canadian artist, (not that there's anything WRONG with being a Canadian)who I didnt know drew comics also. Since 2003, Lar, along with author Ryan Sohmer , has been delighting audiences on the web with the adventures of Rayne Summers, a modern-day Casanova. The name of the comic is
"Least I Could Do (LICD)" and judging from the line of adoring fans at his table the series has a large fan base. I got a kick out of Lar's fans requesting merchandise, buying books getting autographs and sketches and not ONCE asking for a caricature! It was a mindblower! of course, I got MINES Done though.
Lar is a sweetheart of a guy, He just LOOKS like a missing link that will tear your head off....

NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2008!!! Kyle Baker

Kyle Baker, like Lar , is also one of my mentors (you're allowed to have as many as you want in the United States) Ive always like the way he "lets his cartoons be cartoons" Hilariously drawn with impossible anatomical proportions, Kyle is a caricature artist at heart, whether he knows it or not. His clean , lyrical style has the feel of an animated cell drawing frozen in time. Its a joy to look at.

IMO he was the first artist who got Plastic man "right" in terms of look and style, and his autobiographical comic series, The Bakers,really hits close to home being a family man myself.

I bumped into Kyle, his wife and daughter just as they were packing up from Artists Ally. The moment I saw hi I didnt really see "him" I saw his cartoon of himself. Kyle's cartoon persona reminds me of those characters that were drawn on those old "RAID" Roach commercials....
Dont be mad at me for sayin that Kyle!

Promoting the SPACE CHIMPS movie at the NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2008!!

Once i get started doing caricatures I ALWAYS get so into it that I literally forget to take pictures. I managed to snap only a few shots and will post some memory drawings later along with photos of people I drew.
When I first started i went into "traditional " caricature mode and they still looked kinda human to me, then things began to change up a little. Heres a picture of my first customer My 2nd and then my third... by the third I was in the groove with no turning back!

NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2008! Space chimps characterss

Heres a sneak peek at what the characters of the new Space Chimps film look like. They're sooo cute you can almost smell the merchandising items that are going to explode on the scene in the next few months. Stuffed animals,cups and party items, halloween costumes, dont even get me started on happy meal toys at Mickie Dees!.... maybe even poseable action figures.... Hmmm... maybe I can get some freebees....

NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2008 My official Starz Media/ Badge

I know it's sentimental, but this was really a great gig! what can I say? bear with me as I savor the moment....

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just returned from Booth 841 at The Annual NYC Comic Con at Jacob Javits Center. I was hired by the great folks at Starz Media/ , to help promote the upcoming 3D animated movie, SPACE CHIMPS due for Release on July 18 this year.

Check them out at
Or just hit the spacebar link on the right side of the blog page.

My job was to draw caricatures of people and turn them into monkeys! Not ONE complaint about exaggerations today and yesterday!
I worked with another very talented caricature artist, Marlene Kryza ( who worked one side of the booth/space/area while Worked the other end, and boy was I glad she was there! pretty soon we were up to our elbows and eyeballs with many adoring fans, who literally spilled into the booth to get drawn, watch the film trailer, and pick up the promo materials , much to the delight of the folks at Starz Media! At one point we became SO popular that it caused a bottle neck of sorts inside the booth and it was actually TOO jammed! I guess you can say that people REALLY wanted me to make a monkey outta them! this was such a great idea, that I may use this idea for future gigs!

Will post more later

Friday, April 18, 2008

Caricatures of ME... again.....

I always make it a point to continually draw myself. It helps that Im always here so I never lack a subject. Hope you like...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sporting that New Subway Hair Doo!!

Even when i see it with my own eyes, I'm still amazed at the things people do with their "DOO" The top of his head looks like a house plant...
I used an old 0.5 Bic Mechanical Pencil that can be purchased at any stationary store. I'm really surprised at the results. The paper was 8X11 coverstock paper.

NEW YORK CITY Street Caricatures!

These two dudes Happily posed for caricatures on the street and even let me take their photos which in NYC is rare! LOL! Gave em both the pencil treatment

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

scarey ugly subway man

I admit it, I was afraid to look at him, so i drew most of it from memory....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Caricature of Bodybuilding DJ DAZE!

One of the few Exaggerated caricatures that a person ASKED for! This is Bodybuilding DJ DAZE and MAN is he big!!

DAZE can be reached at 718-666-0414 or at He's based in Queens(and will travel anywhere) and unlike most DJ's who have forgotten and neglected the art of freestylin on the mike, DAZE still does it and will put your eardrums in a trance!

I had great fun doing this!Daze has a lot of great angles on his face that caricature artists like me LOVE to exaggerate, and the fact that he's a bodybuilder makes for even more of a hilarious picture. I usually just do heads, but Couldnt resist drawing the body in too this time. If he doesnt like his picture, he'll squash me like a bug....