Tuesday, September 26, 2006

subway sketches for today

Im less than a week away from the annual caricature convention in Orlando for the NCN I feel ready! here are some drawings I did today of commuters on the train.

Monday, September 25, 2006

We go forward.

I met with Tyler, the filmmaker responsible for directing and wrtiing the script for the upcoming animation project, and also met with a talented flash and after affects animator named Win who came from Thailand. ( I like the name, "WIN" It sure is a lot better than "LOSE!" we spent a couple of hours going through a language barrier, but in the end, GREAT ART WON OUT!! I cant wait to get started on this. Havent done any more sketches so i just thought I'd show some past ones.... like THIS one which comes from my "Toiletman" comic that is currently being featured on www.poopreport.com Be warned, I'm NOT a comic artist, and you will undoubtedly see stuff wrong with the storytelling but the art is fantastic, or at least, it's what I'm told...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

more character studies

Here are some more character studeis on the animation I am doing for a client who has me drawing this scenario involving a heroic chipmunk and a Greek Warrior. Should look interesting once everything comes together.

And it DID Adding this Link June 2011.


Ah, the infamous "intro page" the one that turns anoyomous strangers into familiar friends.....might as well get it over with... sigh. My name is Elgin and I am a professionalcaricature entertainer in NOO Yawk City. NO! I'm not one of the guys you see on 42nd street, although, I've done that too.... I do corporate caricature for parties, fundraisers and special events, as well as party caricature for mom and pop events, weddings, birthdays, and more Bat Bar Mitzvahs than the average Rabbi. I dubbed myself, "subwaysurfer" because that's how I get to most of my gigs here in NYC. The MTA, The LIRR, Metronorth Railroad, or NJ Transit gets me where I need to go. An average ride is 2 hrs, and like a professional athlete who warms up before an event, I warm up before my events by drawing unsuspecting passengers. It's great fun! and also...a little dangerous! keep posted as I post my adventures from time to time.
In addition to caricature I also do storyboarding, cartooning, and character design all of which will be seen here for as long as I feel like posting, and as long as you're not bored tuning in. SO.....without further delay, here's what's in my sketchbook...