Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chipmunk pencil test, turn cycle, spitting eyeout and back flip

The eyespitt/wiping mouth part was taken from Bruce Lee. I loved the way Bruce used to spitt out blood and wipe his mouth while looking at his opponent with contempt. I tried to get that same vibe on the chipmunk as he apat out the warrior's eye. The Backflip sequence was the very FIRST animation I did on the sequence and gave me a lotta confidence

chipmunk swinging eyeball

original pencil test for the Comedy on Comedy Chipmunk vs warrior segment. Here, our hero has just ripped out the warrior's eyeball, and is now swinging it in "olympic fashion" into a tree stump.

Warrior Pain

Another pencil test from the Chipmonk vs Warrior segment. in this clip he's doing the "dance of Pain" after having his eyeball ripped out, and I have him swinging the spear down at the chipmonk.