Friday, February 02, 2007

caricature noir

This is a caricature of fellow caricature NCN artist, Kathy Bailey.(pictured below) I didnt want to do a run of the mill traditional caricature of her, so I experimented using black paper and neon prismacolor art stixx I kinda like my experiment and she did too...or at least she SAID she did

and yet another attempt....

Caption: Well, for the record, YOUR BREATH is pretty rotten too!
Again, not hilarious stuff, but Im in there swinging....and missing! LOL! The art director said that my toons were "too cartoony" last week, this week he said they were"too corny!" LOL! cant wait to see what I;m gonna be "too" next week!

another attempt at the New Yorker Magazine

Caption: We'll have your test results as soon as your check clears...
Okay, I aint gonna win any commedy awards writing stuff like this, but if you've ever read The New Yorker Magazine, you realize in no time that it aint exactly mad magazine. The cartoons seem kinda bland, and stuck in a 1950's time warp , but they do pay well providing you can get one in! I started a habit of going every week to take a gamble. I figured that sooner or later I gotta hit! and i also get the opportunity to rub shoulders with some really old school cartoonists.