Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a depressed self portrait

I was feeling really depressed when I did this sketch. i did a freelance gig, was promised fame and fortune, and it didnt quite work out. I felt bummed out that I was trying so hard to advance my career and things were not seeming to work fast enough. Oh well, art heals right.

chris chua/Adam Pate inspired sketch

I had a gig where I tried to channel chris chua's drawing style. It was great! the pics flew outta my hands I did them entirely in pencil and everyone loved em.

Actually now that I look at this more, i would say that Ive been influenced also by my bud, Cleveland caricature artist, Adam Pate, who had a great minimilist style and is truely one of the fastest caricature artists Ive ever seen.


Japanese caricature artist, Kuni, reminds me of Astro boy. Gotta love his "Doo"

Finished subway presketch

Here's the final version of yesterday's pre sketch. looking at it all inked and colored in, he reminds me of a pissed off picture of Clark Kent just before he gets ready to take off those specs and turn into the big blue boy scout, Superman.