Sunday, June 22, 2008

Artist Spotlight Joe Stanton

Ask any caricature artist who there artistic influences are, and you';ll be likely to hear names like, Mort Drucker, Hirschfeld, Chuck Jones, Jack Kirby,or Hanna Barbara mentioed, and rightly so. Many of us were first introduced to art through Mad Magazine, Saturday morning cartoons, and marvel comics which we copied with an almost religious intensity.
Few people will admit that they were influeced by
Archie Commics.
Especially if you were a guy..... I mean GURLS read "archie"
I have to admit, that I shyed away from ADMITING that I read my sister's Archie comics but the truth is that I got some of my first drawig lessons from trying to draw the Riverdale gang.
But it still wasnt cool to admit this.

Fast forward to 2008, and the past Mocca Fest Comic Con. I was passing by Joe Stanton, an Archie Comics artist, who covinced me why I should be readig Archie comics.
"Jughead and the Archie gang have a new look" he said, and then he opened up his portfolio and my eyes popped.
I might just start readig Archie again.
Joe has updated their look to a more contemporary style, and Jughead is actually falling in LOVE!
Check out the seires I know I will be.