Wednesday, December 23, 2009

subwaysurfer animated feature!

Here it is folks, my very first "subwaysurfer nimated feature" dont bother to go to the bathroom or buy popcorn though... the movie will be over before you get comfortable in your seats..... just here practicing some very limited animation here which although choppy, looks pretty funny. Need to refine my process. even though its limited animation it doesnt have to be THIS crude! LOL! next time I plan on doing a more consistant BACKGROUND. Im not so concerned about the foreground figures being perfect, as i feel that "sloopy choppiness : is what im looking for. Thats me in the corner there drawing, and of course, this is a cartoon of someone I observed on the train who really DIDNT appreciate being drawn! LOL! I just took the story to its violent conclusion! whats a cartoon without violence anyway?