Friday, September 24, 2010

Amused and Confused Female Drawing on the Train by subwaysurfer

Two ladies I saw on the train with two interesting expressions! one Looked OOverly amused and the other overly confused! I LOVE IT!


Stumbled across a WONDERFUL Blog this morning that is written by an authentic New York City Cabbie , who we in New Yawk refer to as "HACKS" Dont ask me about the origin of the slang, I really dont know....
According to the Blurb on the Blogsite the author writes...
One of the few NYC born and bred Yellow Taxi Drivers who brings laughter and provokes thought for the meager price of a fare...and a tip of course.
 The current post on the blog , as of this writing, is on September 11th. The Post is touching and powerful. Seen from the eyes of a New York City Cab driver with the soul of a poet. Here is an excerpt from that page:
...So I took my annual walk around Ground Zero on the 8th of September this year. I went in early just like I did when I worked at 4 World Trade so many years ago. I spent most of the morning walking into many of the places I used to walk by or stop in, and went to many new places as the downtown that existed before our Freedom was attacked and The World Trade center was evaporated whilst murdering my friends and fellow Americans, has developed over the last year and it was the first time I felt good and felt enthusiastic about our future being that for NINE years it has been just a pit....that has left a pit in many. I won't let people not remember this day or try to put a different spin on it to make it some kind of holiday that they can capitalize on. This happened. We must REMEMBER....
This is just a taste of what you will experiecne when you check out this great blog. I encourage you to viist DAILY .