Friday, April 30, 2010

MAN! I feel like a Woman!

Thats the song that was playing when I did this group caricature of my client, Alison and her team members at a recent gig at a Posh Senior center in Manhattan recently. I loved the faces so much that I took photos went home and worked on it some MORE! LOL!!! I didnt go TOO far with the exaggeration, but managed to get a result that I was pleased with. Composition wise, I thought the pic worked better with just the ladies but since the guy is also part of the team I had to include him. I think the caption fits!

Gotta love PHOTOSHOP! LOL! I did each pic 8x11 and then arranged them together. working this way enables me to focus on each individual pic without worrying if they're all going to fit, like I would at a gig.
Im spending a LOT more time with getting a more accurate likeness and did a LOTTA drawing on each face until I could pretty much do it from memory. I saw Jan Obdebeek doing this method and if it's good enough for Jan, it's good enuff fo' me!

Believe it or not, these were drawn with a regular old fashion... dare I say it...SHARPIE MARKER!!!!!! and not my usual Tombo or Pitt, which ran outta ink!!!


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