Thursday, June 12, 2008

The M&M gig

drew this exec at a recent gig where I had the pleasure of working with Ed Steckley, Garrett Bender, and Alison Gelbman. We had the task of drawing people like M&M Candy pieces! This guy had such a bland expression I couldnt resist drawing a normal picture of him as well as an M&M. My M&M shots didnt come out! AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Mocca Fest Madness!!

Ive been soooooo busy the past couple of days drawing at gigs and special events that Ive completely forgotten to upload some of the great stuff Ive been doing!
On Sunday I braved the 100 degree heat and dragged myself down to the Puck Bldg in the village to attend the one, the only MOCCA FEST !
I was invited by fellow caricature artist, Mark Zman, who Ive worked many gigs at Sardi's to help him at his table. Mark is one of those artists who wears a dozen and one hats. He's a caricature artist, a panter, a comic book creator, eve a clock maker, and had all of his wares on the table ready for the eager buyers. We were offering a free caricature to anyone who made a five dollar purchase.I took the liberty of also drawing a few of the great faces that were jammed packed into the place.

Mocca Fest is a veue that truely lets the indy artist creators shine. It's exciting to be in an aenvironment where you are surrounded by so much creative talent. Ive been a fan of small press for years ad really canot resist browsing and buying work by indy artists. It doesnt even matter to be if the work isnt quote "polished" thats the whole beauty of it. CREATIVE EXPRESSION!! artists doing it for themselves! and with techhology being so affordable these days, anyone who so desires can become a player! i gotta get my own table next year!