Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spotlight on Sergio Aragones

I recently came across this great series called THE COMIC BOOK GREATS where Marvel Comics frontman, STAN LEE interviews the movers and shakers of the comic book industry. In this segment, he interviews Mad Magazines, Sergio Aragones, one of my favorite cartoonists, and the creator of Groo the Barbarian.
View the online presentation HERE
Its a four part series.

Are You A Tortoise or a Hare Online?

When it comes to working style, according to Sonia Simone, Guest blogger on the Copyblogger blogsite at you fall into two categories, Tortoise, or Hare. Unlike the fairy tale, this story has a happy ending for both characters. Find out which one YOU are in regards to your working style online, and discover how you can maximize your particular personality strength. The title of the article is CRITICAL ONLINE MARKETING QUESTION YOU NEED TO ANSWER NOW. There is a great audio podcast you can listen to where Sonia Simone breaks it down in an entertaining way.

If youre wondering which one I am, I would say Im a Tortoise, Hare Hybrid. A Rabbit with a shell! LOL! As a freelance artist, I have to on the one hand, get work done quickly and efficiently as my business is very competitive, and deadline sensitive. As a business person, I also have to cultivate business relationships and friendships, as well as build and maintain my brand, and that takes time and patience. If i was to decide which approach is "better" I would have to go with the Tortoise, personally. In life, and business, you will encounter a few storms. There are times that you can go full speed ahead, but must stop, regroup, and recharge. If you have a shell on your back you always have a sanctuary where you can go to find peace, and also have a defense system to repel the slings and arrows that will inevitable come your way. If you're a rabbit, you'd better watch out for foxes , wo are faster, stronger and more cunning....