Monday, November 17, 2008

he looked pissed...

He got on and looked pissed for no particular reason... i guess you dont need one in this city....

Two pre sketches on the train

Sometimes you just dont have time to do a full blown sketch and you have to do quick gester drawings to capture your prey. I plan on coming back to these two in a later post, but for now, here they are.

Subway sketch... she tried to hide

I was happily drawing when suddenly she spotted me and literally tried to HIDE! Too late! She begain to frantically turn her head, put her hands over her face and even put her head down into her arms. The passenger next to me enjoyed the entire thing and highfived me on the way out of the train.

ANOTHER self Portrait

Just thought of a NEW way to insult myself...

Spot light on Chris Chua

See that website link? go to it immediately and you'll be blown away by a brilliant caricature artist, named Chris Chua.
Chris is a member of The NCN, The National Caricaturists Network, which recently has expanded and is NOW known as the ISCA, The International Society of Caricatue Artists.

But that's another story. More about Chris....
Chris is a true visionary, and draws caricatures literally like no one else Ive ever seen. While most caricatures artists see faces through the lens of a "funhouse mirror", Chris sees them through a CRACKED Funhouse mirror put bnack together with crazy glue and scotch tape.

He is a sort of "caricature Expressionist" who drawins are geometric sometimes, liquified othertimes Its really hard to describe, but always a pleasure to watch. Which is what i encourage you to do a lot of!

I often tell people that there are as many styles of caricature as there are personalities on planet earth. The beauty of this artform lies in the fact that it gets filtered through the personality of each individual artist and comes out in surprising ways. It is for this reason that you should never focus SO MUCH on another artist's work that you throw up your hands and say, " I could never do that!" the truth is you CANT, and most of all SHOULDNT. I recall Chris getting some criticism for drawing in his style by some members but he stuck to his creative vision, and is now doing stuff that no one can imitate. It's one of the reasons I admire him as an artist in an industry where there are so many imitators.