Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Society of Illustrators Political caricature art exhibition

Man, its great living in NYC. The society of illustrators is just one more reason...

When fellow caricaturist, Dan Springer, (make sure you check out the blog here on my site, Dan is an amazing artist) told me about the editorial caricature artists exhibition featured at The Society of Illustrators, I RAN to 128 E. 63rd Street to check it out. Boy, am I glad I did!

The exhibition features some of the best caricaturists in the world, including Philip Burke, Steve Brodner, John Kacsht, and Peter DeSeve, amongst others. I especially enjoyed looking through Brodners sketchbook which was on display also. Words dont describe how awesome an experience this was, all I can say is that if you love caricature as much as I do You NEED to go See this!!

Tourists.............sigh.......Love em......Hate em......

love em or hate em, they are the life blood of a street artist's industry.... yep, Im talking about those annoying pointing TOURISTS who gawk and point and haggle, and walk right by your stand to buy a billion dollar trinket that your neighbor is selling. I love them. I Hate them. i have "millions" of these pics in my sketchbooks scattered throughout my house. I saw this one about to be thrown into the trash ( as a gesture drawing) and decided to develop it more. Glad i did.

..........and yeah....... they really are that dumb to keep their wallet in their back New York.......

Mass Transist Caricature madness! Somebody stop me!!!

There are days on the train when the caricatures practically draw themselves! Man! if i didnt get paid to do this i wouls still do it for the sheer joy of capturing the souls of these people on paper!
I especially liked the tall black gentlemen on the bottom... he had the vibe of a certain presidential candidate.... maybe he was going for that look. I noticed also that with the small black fedora he had a frank sinatra or Run DMC thing going too. This is also my fave because he came walking by so fast that I had to do a very quick gesture drawing of him. As a result I gat this delicious mouth watering design that sort of pops.The Indian lady had eyes SO wide open I swear she didnt seem to blink. It was almost like she was a bird of prey looking for some rodent to pounch on.... Needless to say i didnt make eye contact..... This other dude had a head that looked like he was hiding another person inside it, and the chick with the glasses had this look on her face that said: Damn! i cant see! My prescription is NOT working!!!!

My tool of choice for all of these was a good ole CHEAP 0.7 Deposable Big Mechanical Pencil.... it AINT the tool people.....

My idea of Audrey Hepburn

The guys and dolls over at the NCN Caricature Forum are having a friendly Sept Comp to see who can draw Audrey Hepburn the best. In case you youngsters dont know who she is, shes' the "classic hollywood" prototype for beauty and grace is you happen to be a woman. Expressive eyes, high cheekbones, strong but delicate bone structure, and petitie frame. Most of the guys at the forum are so busy mooning over her that you can hardly get a decent highly exaggerated caricature out of the lot of em ( not that they ARENT drawing "bad" Pictures though) Having said that, I treid to make a go of it drawing my verson of what she looks like. To me she looks BAT like. EVERYthing is DAK and harsh on her IMP Eyes , lashes, hair... and here ears and sorta pointy to me. I dont know how good the likeness is, but I can honestly say that its my IDEA of what I THINK she looks like in my minds eye.