Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ALL GIANTS FALL By Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling


So, they’re saying I can no longer draw on the street?
How do they suggest I eat?
Fat Cat Politician there, is sitting in MY seat
Thinking he’s got me beat.

But I aint WEAK
I refuse to RETREAT
I can take the HEAT
You give me a napkin,
I’ll transform it into a SHEET

Hand me a lemon,
And I’ll make it SWEET.
Holding me down
Only causes me to LEAP
Up high in the air
I always land on my FEET

You say the water’s shallow?
But I say it’s DEEP

My eyes are wide open,
I’m refusing to SLEEP
Whatever you sow, ya know
That you will REAP

Since this is a game
Then I’m playin’ for KEEPS

You may be a wolf
But I’m an intelligent SHEEP.
Whom you cannot DEFEAT
I refuse, and don’t choose to be BEAT.
They all land at my FEET.

And now this poem’s finished.
Oh yeah, it’s COMPLETE.


CARICATURE IS WHAT I DO a poem by Subwaysurfer Elgin Bolling

Caricature is what I Do
By Elgin Bolling Subwaysurfer

Caricature is what I do
Don’t need a Posse or a crew.
Using my own hand, I control my destiny
And I draw without a flaw
Exactly what I see

It was a Gift To Me
God Given
Satan Tried To sift me
God sidetracked him
And so He Missed Me

It’s because the Lord Kissed Me
That I’m still here making History.
This aint no mystery…

The boys in Blue said they would rule and stop me from doing this,
But I aint new to this
I’m true to this
And that why I don’t use my fists

Let me tell you boye, it be like this:

I make my money by being funny
Clowning people just like you…
So Dont cha' run,
It's All For Fun!
It's Kool, it’s what I do.

Ya guaranteed to like what I drew.
Caricature is sure to stay around as long as I’m in a Town that
Has Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
Where I draw your kids, and your little sister
Who looks more like a “mister?”
Good thing I don’t have to kiss her,
You do that!
Please pay me though for the two hours I sat!

Freelancing pays that why I stay in tha mix,
I’m a New Yawk Professional Artist,
Not a theme Park Drawing HICK

I’m slick that‘s why I slide
Outta the devils hands
Straight to my fans
Who continue to pay.
All you haters Can go away.

copyright 2010 all rights reserved