Thursday, November 06, 2008

Caricatures of two dudes with glasses

I love drawing guys with glasses. Its soooo much fun to caricature the glasses going INTO the eyes. Before i had my lasik surgery i was glind as the proverbial bat and saw best when the glasses were practically IN my eyes! I always had this image in my head and knew that it had to be hilarious to other people who made me the butt of their jokes...(I aint bitter, heck it was funny, and if you cant laugh at yourself, you dont belong in this business!)
It amazes me how so many people fight baldness to the death trying desperately to give themselves a sense of style. The dude with the braided pony tail thought he looked soooo cool, but the peak at the top of his head made him look comical. The other guy looked like he walked right off the pages of an R Crumb Comic.