Monday, December 01, 2008

Gee, Thanks Obama!

Now that Obama is President, Editiorial and Caricature artists the world over are rejoicing. NEVER has such a public elected official been so EASY to draw! Steve Brodner remarked that There must be a god of caricature since Obama is so easy to draw, and i must whole heartedly agree. These are two recent toons that ive submitted to my local paper, The Wave, to launch my career as a editorial cartoonist. The paper has been receptive to recieving these toons and Ive been encouraged to do more.
Submitting editorial work to your local paper is sound advice I always give to cartoonists eager to have their work published, increase their confidence, and build up a body of work. Political cartooning also keeps you informed, as you must keep up with recentDomestic, and world events in order to have a point of view to caricature/comment on.