Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art Jumble Blog: MONKEYS from the NYC COMIC CON 2008 by subwaysufer...

Art Jumble Blog: MONKEYS from the NYC COMIC CON 2008 by subwaysufer...: "At this Comic Con I was helping to promote the movie, SPACE CHIMPS and was drawing people who came to the booth as caricatured monkeys. What..."


ipad cartoon of MISTER WEATHERBEE from The Riverdale project

All good things must come to an end, including this Riverdale High series that
has been so much fun and has taught me so much about digital painting and
drawing on the iPad.
What better way to end it than with Riverdalems "eternal School Principal,
"Mister Weatherbee.
Like the character, Mister, in The film, The Color Purple, "Mister" is the man's
first name... After all, his momma wanted people to show her boy respect... But
that's another backstory...
Mister Weatherbee, like Miss Grundy, has held the same position in Archie and
the gang's elementary school as High School. Since virtually nothing is known
about this character, here's my back story on the illustration.

Weatherbee doesn't LIKE least not as much as he used to when he first
became a new educator. After years of being an Marine Sargent and survivor of a
few wars, Mister decided that he wanted to suture minds and inspire a
generation, only to find himself disillusioned, disrespected,and disgusted with
the state of youth culture. An authoritarian by nature, Weatherbee finds
himself in a constant battle to maintain order and control which frequently
slips away from him much to his dismay. After several years on the academic
battlefield, Mister has developed a contempt for kids in general, especially a
certain bumbling redhead who he would like to horsewhip but cannot for legal
reasons. Weatherbee is an angry confused depressed man, who drowns his sorrows
in food.