Sunday, November 28, 2010

Animated Short Chipmunk vs Warrior based on Pencil Tests In Monkey Jam

This is the end result of the film I worked on based entirely on pencil tests I put together in this great free program called, MONKEY JAM. The program is simple to use, downloads easily, and as far as the learning curb is concerned, if you can operated an ATM machine, you can use this program. With indy animation being so popular today, this is a must have tool for beginning animators, especially. I highly recommend it.

Ive personally had the program for YEARS and up until now to be honest was just too darn selfish to tell anyone about it. But this is, after all, SOCIAL MEDIA, and as such, it's not about ME as much as it is about YOU! ... having said that, let me tell you about the NEW features the software has. This list comes from their site

Audio support for WAV and MP3 files.
Audio scrubbing in Xsheet and Preview.
Export AVI with audio.
Dialog markup.
Keyboard shortcuts (+/-,1-9) for changing image duration.
Improved Scanner interface.
Better support for PAL resolutions.
Import images to new layer option.
Drawing duration change shortcuts.
New Windows installer.
Option to re-name drawing in Xsheet and file on harddrive at same time.
Option in Xsheet to edit image in program of choice.
Full second preview in StopMotion capture mode.
Full size image viewer in Xsheet.
Support for non-English translations (Latin-1 characterset only).

Find out more about MONKEY JAM by going to their website at

Animated short Pencil test created with MONKEY JAM for Wiremonkey films by Subwaysurfer

This is a sequence I created initially on tracing paper, scanned into my computer, then through into the FREE Monkey jam pencil test program. The results were magical. This is a great program for beginning animators to use. I highly recommend it.
Find out more about MONKEY JAM by going to their website at

Animated pencil tests by subwaysufer for Wiremonkey Films