Wednesday, February 06, 2008

bakk to basics....

While drawing at a gig with fellow caricature artist, Ed Steckley, ( I noticed that instead of drawing with a marker, like I, and other caricature artists normally do, he was drawing people in pencil. After the gig i asked him why he did this. the asy answer was that he liked it, but was also to plan out exaggeration a lot easier with it than with pen, where you had to commit to a line. That made total sense to me , so I ''ve started using it also. I already can draw FAST with pen, but at a previous gig i drew 30 caricatures in 1 hour and 30 minutes, a personal record for me. The pencil puts you more in a "relaxed, sketching " mode, and it sure is economical! No tool is as basic as the old reliable pencil!

Here are a few subway pencil sketches done on 8x11 off white coverstock that I purchad at staples . Im using a thick creatacolor model pencil.