Friday, May 13, 2011

Caricature Quick Tip #* Dont THINK , FEEL

Was thinking about Bruce Lee's famous line from the movie, ENTER THE DRAGON, when he SLAPS this kid in the beginning of the movie, for thinking too much when he should have been FEELING. The prininciple is applicable for betting over artist block when you're staring at a blank page. Listen to the podcast, grasshopper and learn.

Be  glad that I'm not infront of you to slap you and reinforce this lesson like Master Lee had to!

Ipad Gift Caricature of a Pirate King.

In addition to party caricature, Gift caricature is one of the staples of a successful caricature business. I especially love doing gift caricatures, because it also allows me to operate in the capacity of a character designer, especially if the client, like in this case, gives me full reign to let my creative abilities run amok! . My client wanted this picture  for a buddy  who possessed  a notoriously red beard. We immediately decided on a pirate theme and I went to work. creating the red beard character here. I wanted this pirate to look kind of classy, so I took a few items from Captain Hooks closet to clothe my character. .  When doing gift caricature, If possible, I like to play with, manipulate , and borrow from cultural icons that are immediately recognizable to everyone. I do ad my own flair so that its not outright plagiarism 
Overall Im vary pleased with the gift caricature. The only thing missing is a Pirate and a bottle of rum. But we're trying to keep things nice and sober here on the subwaysurfer blogggg.
This caricature was colored beautiful in my trusty ipad using the art studio app.

My client let me know that his buddy was notorious for wearing hats, so I did give him a Fancy Pirate hat, but couldnt resist doing one without the hat also.