Monday, July 30, 2007

He didnt LIKE being drawn... but too BAD!!

The funniest thing about subwaysurf sketching is watching, and hearing the reactions of people. Some folks laugh, others smile, other walk away totally, or bury their faces behind papers and magazines, and some get MAD and "pretend" to ignore me, but you can literally FEEL the "you're invading my privacy, and I want to punch you out vibe" take this guy, for instance, I caught him on a Queens bound R train, and i was originally drawing him from the front view. As soon as he saw me drawing him, he kept rotating his face from side to side in a lame effort to throw me off! LOL! It turned out that his side view was even more hilarious than his front view, so I kept "encouraging him" to "look away" by insensely staring at him.