Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That's right folks! It's OFFICIAL! I didnt want to talk about it until I actually had the physical item in my hands, but YES, your's truly, THE SUBWAYSURFER, thanks to the wonderful folks at authorSTREAM, is now a "member" of the "Steve Jobs Apple Club!"
I've wanted to be a member for YEARS!! Before I tell you MY story, which I KEEP retelling, let me tell you about authorSTREAM. If you like using powerpoint presentation software as much as I do, then you'll love their platform. the folks at authorSTREAM enable you to upload your presentations for your friends and clients to download,and share. There are conferencing features also that I haven't investigated, but best of all, their platform offers a way to load your presentation straight to youtube, faster than you can YOUTUBE! LOL! That was ultimately MY reason for signing up in the first place.
I use POWERPOINT extensively for my sequential art work and presentations. It's the first graphics program I learned how to use , so there was always this nostalgic value associated with it as well. I wanted to upload some of my presentations to the web but became increasingly frustrated not being able to find a program that would do it EASILY. I dont owe a CURRENT version of PPT which I guess would make this easier, so I was at a loss what to do...
Until I found authorSTREAM that took all the guesswork out of it.
I uploaded my "Father's Day Comic/presentation" to the site first, because it was completed, for one, and It was something I was very proud of. I drew/wrote the story for my own Father as a Father's day gift. I wanted to share with him a memory, rather than the usual "tie and card". Who would have ever guessed that presentation would touch the hearts of so many? Literally overnight, the presentation got close to a hundred views in less than a 24 hour period! and WON!!! For those of you who think GOD DOESN'T perform miracles today, all I can say is, You have your opinion.... I have my iPAD!