Monday, May 11, 2009

hotel lobby caricature

I was in the hotel lobby waiting for my gig to start when this guy came up to the front desk and then sat down in the waiting area to work on his laptop. I could resist drawing a face with such great angles and did a full blown color job and was so proud of it i handed it to him on the spot. He didnt speak english and the look of shock on his face was worth any price i could name as I gave him his unexpected gift. I did, however photograph it... poorly though. I will revisit this again also.

Erica's pretty picture

I couldnt resist drawing her pretty! She had me under her spell. I admit it.Eric, had that quick disarming type of wit that put you at ease and made you feel she was laughing with you and not at you. She was very poised, funny, and charming. I simply couldnt draw a busted looking picture... but That doesnt mean Im gonna fall under EVERYONE'S spell.

The child was stark ravin nuts I tell ya...

There are SOME kids where nothing less than a detailed fully colored sketch will DO!! this little girl had wayyyyyy too much cotton candy..... and need more!

More Party Pics

Done a Lot of parties in the last coupla weeks. My body actually started to "rebel" against drawing so quickly at first. Ive been doing so much studio work where I take my time, do a lot of practice sketches, look at photo references, and then carefully model and shade in the caricature, that I "forgot" that i have to crank out these things in 23 minutes. I could take five whole minutes but for me it defeats the whole purpose of a party where the host wants you to move fast so the maximum amount of people get drawn. At parties you quality of line is king.

cutie party girlie

Did a gig a few weeks ago and couldnt get this cutie outta my mind. I didnt exaggerate her to THIS extent, but i didd a little bit, much to her delight. This is a memory drawing. Looking at this now, I'm a little dissapointed. I was really thinking I was exaggerating it a LOT when It appears to b only a little bit, looking at it objectively. It's really HARD to exaggerate! Someimes you feel like you're doing a LOT on the "inside" of you only to see that it looks kinda tame objectively. Apparently a good rule to follow is this: When you feel that you've eaggerated all you could , EXAGGERATE MORE.

Horse on the A train

As soon as I saw her face I was looking for a saddle. I think this horsie ditched her jockey and decided to ride the rails instead. In all honestly this woman wasnt as bad lookin as I drew her here, and as soon as I finished, I KNEW i'd gone too far! LOL! Good thing she didnt see it. At this point Im really trying to stretch my exaggerations a litttttttle more.

Lady on the 33 Queens Bus from Laguardia Airport

Whew! When I looked at her I wondered where or where did SHE fly in from?