Saturday, April 05, 2008


People often ask me the question, "When did you become a Professional Artist?" I always tell em that it was when I was 8 years Old. Since I'm also asked to prove it, I have provided, in this post, 'Proof". This is the cover of a book I drew for The City Schools Curriculum Service Inc. Entitled, "Mother, These are my Friends" By author, Mary Anne Gross.It was written in 1969 during the turbulant years of the Viet Nam War, The Black Power movement, The King and Kennedy Assassinations .
Opps! I just realized that I told my age! alright I admit it! I'm an old bat!!

Ugly and Dangerous subway commuter

Er....He didnt LIKE being observed....... Caricature drawing can be dangerous in the city.
I Must be truely addicted to what I do since i dont mind the scowls and stares I get from people. Sometime a face is just so compelling that I gotta draw it! On the real side though i SHOULD be a little more discriminating since some people who ride these subway trains are trying to hide out, escape from someone, high on something, or even armed.... but you already KNEW that, I mean this IS Noo Yawk right?

One more thing...
Is it ME or does this dude KINDA look a little like Homer Simpson?