Saturday, May 31, 2008

He wanted directions......

"which train do I take to go to Canarsie?" He asked in his broken English clutching a subway map. " I dont want to get lost," he added. I happily advised him to take the A train into Broadway Junction where he could transfer to the downtown L train straight to Canarsie. Sit right there, I motioned to a seat, and I'll tell you exactly when to get off.
I put him in perfect three quarter postion for this caricature. One of the best Ive done all week.

Friday, May 30, 2008

He reminded me of Jay Z

I stopped this guy on the street and asked him to pose. There was something in his face that reminded me of Jay Z. He thought the caricature was extreme. I thought it was pretty normal.

Prom nite at The Sands In Long Beach

Had a great time last night drawing kids at the prom in Long Beach NY. Didnt have the time to do reaaallly outrageous exaggerations as the line was mega long, but managed to snap a few shots of my fave drawings.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Caricature of big lips man

This is a party guest who REALLLLY wanted to get his picture doe. I noticed that one side of his mouth came up a couple of seconds before the other side did and captured that. He loved it. This guy had mega sized lips also. This is one of the things that make for a great caricature. When a person has a really outstanding facial feature it just makes drawing humorously a breeze

There are some African Americans who are very sensitive about a drawing like this. The tendency of some is to label such a depiction as "racist" and hint that it is reminiscent of how Black people were portrayed in film, comics, and animation years ago. While there exists certainly cartoon depictions that are in fact derogatory and demeaning, the question needs to be asked about the intent if the artist.

In the case of this pictures context, it is nothing more than an exaggerated amplification of a facial feature that is observable and measurable. My intent, always , is caricature. Pure and simple. Unlike political caricature, when I draw party caricature, I stay away from extreme exaggeration as it has a tendency to embarrass people, and make them the target of jokes by their fellow party guests! I never want to sacrifice Antibes self esteem, or ruin a party atmosphere, and I don't. BUT THERE ARE THOSE TIMES WHEN EXAGGERATION IS REQUESTED AND WELCOMED as in this case.

Overall, I've found that if people have issues with exaggeration it has a lot to do with their personal esteem body facial issues, and emotional associations. No artist can please everyone.


I promised Junior, the Medical records, Physicians assistant who makes my doctors appointments that Id do this sketch of him. I'll let you know if ye likes it...

Caricature of Canarsie train female wit long forehead

drew this on the L train....
Been struggling lately with my party stylewhich is generic stiff ad formulatic, and my subwaystyle which is more exciting and loose.
Going to a prom today ad will try again. Id love my drawins to look more like THIS

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pissed off girl on the train

she sure was pissed about something! i could resist trying to draw that expression though!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial weekend Mugs

Cautht these mugs on the n32 bus this weekend.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Caricature Artist Angie Jordan

Fellow caricature artist, the beautiful and talented Angie Jordan.

Shocked! ... and maybe a little... angry too....

She was actually shocked to be drawn. She was carrying a portfolio and I figured she was an artist too. She looked over at me and SURPRISE!!! GOTCHA!!

Making fun of myself ... again

Feel free folks to make fun of my face as much as possible, but know this: NONE of you will ever make more fun of me than I do of myself!

Subwaysurfer Bashing

Hilarious Picture of me one of the readers sent in!!
This was drawn by The Invincible J, aka Jeremiah Carstarphen. You can check him out at

Monday, May 19, 2008

S46 Bus Staten Island Beauty

Did this woman on the S46 Bus as part of my warmup on the way to my gig at the Staten Island Hilton.

My gurl wuz "big Pimpin'" sporting her "terminator" shades


While on my way to a gig in Staten Island, I got a call from my Dad while riding the Ferry.
I wasnt expecting the call, ad automatically became very anxious , thiking it was an emergency.
Instead, my Dad called to tell me that he was viewing my blog and thought the posts were hilarious and was printing them out on his computer.

He thought the "guy in the glasses" was really funny,

We talked a few minutes more , and then the Ferry got out of cell phone range so the call was cut short.

That call, and kowing that my Dad "likes my stuff"
Meant more to me than any rave Ive ever gotten from a client, fan, fellow artist, or famous artist.

My Dad likes my stuff.

No picture that illustrate that. Only the one in my mind.

and that's private.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Jeremy Townsend. Another one of the many caricature artists I admire. Jeremey, or "jert" as he likes to be called is one of those "natural" cartoonists. He draws the most outrageously cartoony live caricatures as easily as I breathe. I highly recommend you regularly visit his blogsite . I know I do.
Drawing Jert is like trying to focus on the individual components that make up a hurricane. You dont know where to look, and once you start to concentrate on one thing, you get hit over the head with something else you never saw coming. I did my best to compile a "look" fo him based on a couple of photograps. This is my first attempt.

Berto Gonzales....and "his baby"

Berto did a controversial caricature of a baby with fangs that he really got "called on the carpet" for my some members of the NCN Forum. Berto's a classy guy and took the criticism well, but i couldnt resist teasing him ONE more time about the incident. Besides, he's got such a fun face to draw I wanted another shot at it anyways.
The caricature of the baby he drew is in the background and it IS funny. Sometimes the "exaggeration monster" gets ahold of us caricature artists and we soetimes forget that the general public doesnt see the world thorough a funhouse mirror like we do!!

Gurlie caricatures on the L and #2 trains

A bell goes off in my head everytime I see an attractive girl on the train. I instantly call upon all my powers to see how jacked up I can make them look. I wasnt as successful with the Asian girl, but I did end up making this gorgeous latina look like a babboon....She had the most incredible captivatig eyes ad beautiful bone structure.

Bronx Bound #2 Train Biznessmen caricatures

Saw these two Biznessmen talking dollars and sense on the Bronx bound 2 train. The guy with all the hair was one of those good lookin guys that no matter how much you try to "ess them up" they STILL end up looking good. I had more fun with his friend though.

Union Square Caricature

I was hanging out with fellow caricature Artist, Mark Zman..(feel free to take a swing at his picture) who was drawing caricatures in Union Square, when Elliott stopped at the table. I dont know what it was, but Elliott had "one of those faces" that captivated me and i felt "drawn" to drawn him. The way the glasses fit on his face kinda reminded me of Julius Dithers, Dagwood Bumsteads boss in the 1950-s Comic Strip "Blondie"
Drawing Live is so different from when you have the time to analyze a face. I see some thigs I want to change o this so I will probably do it later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

caricatured the wife...shhhhh dont tell her....

My wife HATES to be drawn by me, but this pic I found was so cute I couldnt resist! Good thing she dont read the blog!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Berto Gonzales

My second take on Berto Gonzales a great NCN Artist

Da Gurl From Hewlett on the N32 Bus

I sometimes feel sorry for people, and can only imagine what it must be like to have a total stranger staring at them, pencil ad sketch pad in hand with a slightly moronic smile on their face. This gurl was giving me a great frontal view, then when she spotted me, gave me her profile, and started pouting which was even better. Finally she rolled her eyes in her head and changed seats.... but not before I got her!

Al Lopez again!

I did this revised pencil sketch of Al Lopez ad then decided to do some experimenting with digital painting which is all the "rage" on the NCN forum these days. The digital is on the left the pencil on the right.

Al Lopex, whose site you can visit by clicking his name on the right side of this page, draws THE most gorgeous woman caricatures, and seems to have a knack for getting beautiful women to pose for him. I'll never forget at a convention in Vegas where we all the NCN artists were in the large convention room drawing each other.... I looked up from my paper and there was Al, the only guy in the room who has this tall, leggy, drop dead gorgeous showgirl posing for one of his caricatures. Must be great to be Latin!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Caricature of Al Lopez

Al posted his picture on the NCN Firing squad so I dug up this picture I did of him at the 2007 Nevada NCN Convention. It's always been one of my faves....but probably not one of his! LOL! I plan to do another.

NCN Post Biscoff

Mr. Biscoff here is a fellow caricature artist on the NCN who has insulted me several times so I decided to return the favor. Did two versions of Biscoff who I refer to as "santa"Biscoff

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

N31 Bus Caricature

Saw this lady on the N31 Bus this afternoon. Love the eyebrow

Monday, May 05, 2008


Okay, all you artists who faithfully tune in to this's where you can take a swing at the surfer, on the condition that you allow ME to take a swing back at YOU! I took a couple of T pics from a lot of angles so that you can choose what moves you. If I get eough replies I will start a seperate blog for this. Take your shot!!

Burger King Caricature

I personally think that The Burger King ( or as I call it The "BK" Steakhouse) In Hewlett Log Island has some of the best tasting Burgers around. Not to mention that the decor of the restaurant is set up like a 1950's Diner complete with a "Caddie table" that's straight outta the pulp fiction movie... well.... sorta.
After eating my burger, I was, as usual, minding other people's business, and drawing their pictures. This ma, Vernon, stopped by to admire what I was doing,and before he knew it, he was sitting down getting his caricature draw! Vernon works at the Minuteman Press printing shop across the street from BK. It's always good to have a printer as a friend if you're an artist.