Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some people dont like being drawn....

Some faces and expressions are so irresistable that you are COMPELLED to draw them. This man had such great angles on his face, I was almost giddy not knowing WHERE to start drawing.Fellow Caricature artist, and teacher, Chris Collins ( you can find his blog here on my favorites list told me once that you want to be able to see those angles and exploit them! Caricature Master Court Jones also said that you want to see the face as a landscape. Its not always easy for me to get that focus, but when i do, its wonderful!
I did another study of this face using a more modeled approach, in blue colored pencil. I'll post that at a later date.

sometimes less is more

This guy wouldve made a great bodybuard. He was about 6ft 6 inches and wide as barn door. No fat solid muscle. To top it off he had these thick dark eyebrows and that combed back 1950's "greaser" hair. I didnt want him to catch me drawing him so I VERY quickly did this gesture of him (outlining in blue first) and was more satisfied with this stylized rendering than I would've been with a detailed drawing. Sometimes less is more. It's all in the line and attitude. Hirshfeld would have loved this sketch, and after all he is my caricature inspiration.