Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aussie was glad to be in New Yawk!

He got on with his wife and kid at Howard Beach Station on November 21st. the day that I wuz subwaysurfing with my pals from the NCN. We had just said goodbye to Paul Moyse as we dropped him off at The JFK Airtrain at Howard Beach, when I saw this guy get on. At first i wanted to draw his wife, but she immediately diverted my attention to him, and I was glad she did because he was sooooo interesting to draw! He was an Aussie who by his own admition was glad to be in New Yawk. I gave him the first two caricatures I did of him and kept the best one for myself. You can see the pre draw of this in a previous post on the 21 of November.

He had a reaaaaaallly rough face with a LOTTTTAAAA Razor stubble! his face was so rough you could easily strike a match on it!

Gym teacher needs a whistle

He looked like a Junior High School gym teacher without a whistle. Any minute I was expecting him to yell out, "DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!!" He was ticked off about sumthin. maybe someone put ben gay in his jockstrap...


Andy is a dynamite San Diego caricature abstract expressionist, who recently won best party style and cartoon caricature style at the recent NCN convention. This is my take on him.
Besides I OWED him for jacking MY Face up!!